5 Best Astronaut Knife In 2022

The Best Astronaut Knife is the only knife you need in space. A knife that is useful in space has to be useful on earth. It needs to be useful for day to day activities. It’s very difficult to find a knife that is both useful on earth and in space. A knife that is designed for space use might not be useful on earth. And a knife that is designed for Earth use might not be useful in space.

“The first time I flew in space, I forgot to pack a knife, and I was really bummed because I love to cook,” says Astronaut Chris Hadfield. “So I asked the Russian commander if I could borrow his. He gave me his favorite Russian hunting knife. The handle was made out of olive wood, and it had his name engraved on it. It was a beautiful, useful and very special gift.

It is no secret that astronauts are trained extensively to handle situations that you or I would consider dangerous. They have to be prepared for almost anything that could happen in space. One of the most important things that they need to have on hand at all times is a knife.

Following Are The Best Astronaut Knife In 2022

The best knife is an important tool that every astronaut must-have. It goes without saying that astronauts are in environments where there are no such things as convenience stores. Everything must be stored or purchased on site. That is why it is important that an astronaut carry the best knife so that he or she can get the most out of his or her missions.

There are many options available when it comes to choosing an Astronaut Knife but not all of them are ideal. Choosing the right one could mean the difference between a smooth spacewalk and a fight for survival. This blog will discuss the different mechanics behind the Astronaut knives available.

The best knife is a knife that can be used for cutting, chopping, and other knife-related activities. For this pursuit to be fruitful, you need to look for knives that are sharp and not easily dulled.

Camillus Mil-K: original case astronaut knife

The Camillus Mil-K line of tactical and outdoor knives is special, to say the least. The company has been around since 1889 and has a lifetime warranty on its products. I had a chance to use the Camillus Mil-K Knife and here is a review of the experience.

Camillus Mil-K is a knife that is specially designed for the military. It is the civilian version of the M-9 bayonet knife. The knife has a 6-inch blade and a 4-inch handle. The knife is made in the United States of America.

When the US Army needed a knife that could be used in combat, they looked to Camillus Mil-K. When civilians needed a knife that could be used at home, they looked to Camillus Mil-K. When civilians wanted a knife that could be used at home, they looked to Camillus Mil-K.

Camillus Mil-K

Model MIL-K
Brand Camillus
Seller Notes CLEAN 1949 CAMILLUS MIL-K
Type Couteau multifonction

Randall Made Knives Model 17 Astro: m1 astronaut knife history

Randall knives are high-quality equipment in the knife industry, and they have been producing some of the most innovative equipment for more than 40 years. In this review, we are going to take a look at a Randall Made Knives Model 17 Astro. The Randall Model 17 Astro is a sleek, durable blade that Randall is known for. It is perfect for any outdoor enthusiast.

Randall Made Knives Model 17 Astro is an astounding knife with 0.119” thick CPM-S30V steel. The size of the knife is 11 x 1.5 x 0.5”, and the weight is 4.4 oz. It has got a sharpened Rc of 60-62. It is a framelock flipper, and worth a price of $518.00. It has got a titanium frame. The blade is black and satin-finished.

Randall Made Knives is a manufacturer of high-quality knives. Randall Made Knives is based out in El Paso, Texas. The company was founded in 1994 by J.R. “Randall” Knudson. J.R. has been involved in the knife industry since 1975. Randall Made Knives has a unique take on the conventional folding knife for daily carry.

Randall Made Knives Model 17 Astro

Overall Length 10 3⁄8″
Blade Length 5 1⁄2″
Blade Steel Stainless Steel
Blade Thickness 1⁄4″

Camillus MC-1 Paratrooper: astronaut knife m1

The Camillus MC-1 Paratrooper is a large folding knife that is popular with collectors. It is not the type of knife that you would use for hunting or for tactical purposes, but it is an excellent collector’s item. Here is a detailed look at this folding knife. There are some disadvantages to the MC-1 Paratrooper, but overall it is an excellent collectible folding knife. First, let’s look at the pros and cons.

The Camillus MC-1 Paratrooper is a knife for the modern age. It is a knife that looks back to the past and embraces the traditions associated with the knife of war. While it has these characteristics, it is a knife that is based on the modern qualities of a folding knife. You can read more about it and its use in the article that follows.

The Men’s Camillus MC-1 Paratrooper is one of the best knives available in the market. The MC-1 is a pocket knife with a 2-inch blade that is perfect for EDC. The blade is made from 440A stainless steel and has a black coating for easier maintenance. The knife has a finger flipper that allows one-handed assisted opening.

Camillus MC-1 Paratrooper

Overall Length 7-1/4″
Closed Length 4-1/4″
Blade Steel 420 HC Stainless
Handle Material Plastic

Case Astronaut Knife M-1: astronaut pocket knife

The Case Astronaut Knife M-1 series of knives is one of the best knife series from the renowned knife-making brand, Case Knives. This knife series is manufactured by the famous knife-making company, Ernest Emerson, in cooperation with the Case Knives company. This series is one of the most iconic ones in the knife industry.

When it comes to survival, a knife is the first thing that you need to have. When it comes to survival in the wild, a knife is a must. In this blog, we will look at some of the top knives that you need to have in your arsenal.

Astronaut knives are dreamed of by all buyers. But how to choose the one which is best for you? How to choose the one with the highest quality? In the following article, I will make a review of Case Astronaut M#1 Knives. Then I will explain how to choose this knife.

Case Astronaut Knife M-1

Blade Length(s) 11.75 in
Blade Material Tru-Sharp™ Stainless
Blade Finish As-Ground
Weight 7.5 oz

Soviet Cosmonaut Survival Machete:m1 astronaut knife amazon

The Soviet Cosmonaut Survival Machete bought all kinds of crazy stuff during the Cold War, but this survival machete takes the cake. You might be thinking “Why does a blog about a Soviet Machete have anything to do with marketing?” and that’s a good question. However, we at Digital Telepathy believe that every marketing story can be interesting, funny, or crazy.

A Soviet Soil survival machete is a very unique survival tool. Created during the cold war between Russia and the USA, this survival tool was meant to be used in case of a nuclear war or an alien invasion. The Russians are known for making some of the best survival tools on the market, and this one is no exception.

The Soviet Cosmonaut Survival Machete was designed to fight the elements. It was part of a survival kit, carried by Soviet Cosmonauts on all of their spacewalks. With its unusually sturdy handle, it can be used as a shovel or to chop through thick branches. It was created during the 1970s in the Soviet Union.

Soviet Cosmonaut Survival Machete

Blade Edge Plain
Original/Reproduction Original
Type Survival
Blade Color Silver

Quick Shopping Tips:

With a slew of options available in the market, owning an astronaut knife is a bit confusing. How to choose the astronaut knife is the major question. If anyone comes across a question like how to choose the best knife and what to look for when buying one. Here is a whole blog to help understand and make a good choice.


The right size camping knife varies depending on the particular purpose you will be using the knife for. For example, while you may need a big blade to cut through vegetation when setting up your camping area, chopping, or batoning, a smaller blade is more effective at snaring nets. Determine the main purpose you need a camping knife for and purchase one with an applicable blade.


A full tang design is the most suitable for a camping knife and other survival knives. The blade usually extends to the handle. The full tang provides sturdiness, balance, and great control when using the knife. Avoid a hollow handle. Although it makes the knife quite light, it compromises its durability and sturdiness of the knife.

Handle Material and Design:

Different manufacturers use different handle materials for their camping knives. The most commonly used materials include polymer, rubber, wood, and metal. Although wood offers a comfortable grip, it is more prone to water damage.

Plastic handles are more resistant to water damage. They are affordable but tend to be slippery and wear out fast. A stainless-steel handle is quite sturdy and durable but may feel too heavy on the hands. Rubber handles provide adequate grip but are less durable. A textured handle offers an improved grip for comfortable and controlled handling.

Blade Material:

The most common blade materials in camping knives are steel, high carbon steel, and stainless steel. Stainless steel is quite durable and rust-resistant but dulls easily. On the other hand, carbon steel is relatively corrosion resistant and holds an edge for longer. Although steel camping knives are cheap, they are prone to corrosion and lose edge fast.


The knife handle should be ergonomic so it fits in the palm of your hand naturally. You should be able to hold the knife comfortably without feeling as if you need to squeeze the handle to keep it from slipping.


The right camping knife should come with a sheath for easy storage and portability. The sheath should have features such as a hole and lanyard or belt loop. The hole can be used to strap the knife to a belt or backpack. A sheath is particularly important for fixed blade knives to protect and cover the exposed blade.


You might be thinking, “why is this man writing about Best Astronaut Knife on a blog about space?” The simple answer is that I don’t really know. I’ll tell you what I do know. I know that I wanted a knife that would work in space and I couldn’t find one. I know that I wanted a knife that would be useful on Earth and not just in space. And I know that I wanted the knife to be made in America. And I found one. It’s a knife made in America by a man named Les Stroud. You might know him as Survivorman.

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