5 Best Balisong Vs Butterfly Knife In 2022

You might think that you know all there is to know about butterfly knives, but that is not the case. There are many different types of butterfly knives and each knife has its own purpose. In this blog we will be looking at 3 of the best balisong vs butterfly knife so that you can choose the right knife for your needs.

One of the most popular forms of knives is the balisong. These knives you can open and close with a simple flick of the wrist. They are also known as butterfly knives due to their open and close action. This blog will look at the best balisong knives that we could find on the market. And you can also check our selected list of the Best Butterfly Knife.

Balisong knives, also known as butterfly knives, are referred to as Batangas knives in the Philippines. The Philippines is a famous place for the production of most of the balisong knives available in the world. The word balisong is derived from the Tagalog word, “baby’s” which means “flip-flop”. The original balisong knives are made from wood, but the modern versions are mostly made up of steel. Butterfly knives are not considered concealed weapons in the US.

Following Are The Best Balisong Vs Butterfly Knife In 2022

Balisong is also known as butterfly knives are the most elegant and eye-catching knives that you can hold in your hand. With their unique design and style, they are almost always a must-have for balisong enthusiasts. However, after all these years and upgrades, there still remains the question, what is the best balisong? If you are looking for the best balisong, then you might want to contact us.

Butterfly knives may appear to be something that is good only for fun, but they are something more dangerous than you could have imagined. They are illegal in the majority of the countries. Balisong knives and butterfly knives are the same. The only difference between the two is that they have different names. Fact Because both the terms are used in different countries, the balisong knife is much more popular in the world.

Balisong is also known as Butterfly Knife. It was invented by Filipino-American Leo Guevarra and entered production in the year 1956. It is a type of folding knife whose blade is housed in the handles, each of which is connected to the other. This article talks about the History of Balisong, the different types of Balisong, and tips for using Balisong.

BBBARFLY BOTTLE OPENER: butterfly knife trainer

The BBBARFLY BOTTLE OPENER was designed to fit on your keychain, slip into your pocket, or clip to your belt loop. Its compact, lightweight, and durable. Sometimes, the best inventions are simple in design. Our product is made from a single piece of spring steel, which provides a sturdy, yet flexible, opening mechanism.

For this project, I started out by searching for bottle openers on Thingiverse, which is a database of 3D printable designs. I found a few designs that I liked, and I decided to base my design on one called Window-Licker V1.0 which I downloaded from the database. I then made some changes to the design, such as making the wings larger and adding a hole in the head of the bottle opener.

BBBARFLY is a unique bottle opener. It is made of stainless steel and has two parts. The two parts of the opener combine to form a “B” when open. The “B” is an acronym for beer and is not just for looks; it feels substantial in your hand and gives you a better grip than your average bottle opener. It allows you to easily open your beer bottle, leaving you with little to no effort.


Blade Length 4.75″
Blade Thickness 0.11″
Blade Material Stainless Steel
Handle Length 5.125″

SQUID INDUSTRIES SQUIDDY: why are butterfly knives illegal

The SQUID INDUSTRIES SQUIDDY team is currently working on a cool device for the gaming industry. As we’ve been working on this product, we’ve come to the conclusion that we really need some sort of mascot. That’s where our team came up with SQUIDDY! A squid that wants to be a Super Hero.

SQUID INDUSTRIES is an animation studio based in the heart of London, established in December 2013. We are a company that offers full service, from development to planning and execution of animation that is entertaining, endearing, and engaging. We believe in the power of storytelling, and the importance of the audience, which is why we create stories that are simple and cute, yet still tell a great story.

SQUID INDUSTRIES are an upcoming audiovisual project from London, bringing together a mixture of people from different musical backgrounds to create a special live performance. On this blog, we will be showing a little bit about our music and our inspirations.


Handle Length 5.5″
Handle Thickness 0.5″
Blade Length 5.2″
Weight 2.5 Ounces

DOGBITE KNIVES DB3.1: butterfly knife for sale

The Dogbite Knife DB3.1 is the ideal tool for any dog trainer. It is especially useful for those who need to train dogs that are aggressive when approaching visitors or visitors who are scared of dogs.

The DB3.1 is a survival knife that contains a 2.02″ (51mm) Sandvik 14C28N high carbon stainless steel drop point blade, which makes it extremely useful for a wide range of outdoor tasks. The blade is a sturdy 5/16″ thick and has an overall length of 8.1″ (205mm), which makes it the perfect size for a folder that you can carry every day.

Dogbite the creator of this knife is a renowned knife maker who has been in the business of making knives for more than 30 years. He started making knives after a failed attempt to become a fighter pilot. His knives have gone through rigorous testing in the hands of well-known knife experts around the world.


Cutting Edge 3.75″
Blade Thickness 0.13″
Blade Material 440
Blade Style Drop Point


BLADERUNNERS SYSTEMS REPLICANT is a dedicated systems integration and engineering consultancy, focusing on the design and development of advanced technologies for aerospace and industrial markets. We achieve this by providing a wide variety of services and products which support our customers from initial concept through to detailed design, test, integration, and certification.

The Blade Runner 2049 movie gave us a sneak peek into a futuristic society where human-like Replicants worked in the service industry. The Replicants in the movie were assigned numbers to identify them.

REPLICANT is a grassroots revolutionary-democratic political party that believes in building a new country that is free from the corrupting grip of the U.S. Government, Political Machine, and their corporations. We are a non-violent party that believes that the black race must be united and independent rather than have the same ‘ol, same ‘ol Illuminati puppet party that doesn’t speak to our interest or the interest of black people.


Blade Length 4.50″
Cutting Edge 4.25″
Blade Thickness 0.13″
Blade Style Spear Point

SQUID INDUSTRIES SQUIDTRAINER V2: butterfly knife tricks advanced

SQUID INDUSTRIES SQUIDTRAINER V2 is a Virtual Reality exercise machine that helps people lose weight and stay fit. It is a space-age, high-tech, and revolutionary tool that combines the benefits of training, virtual gaming, and physical activity.

Squid Industries Squidtrainer is the most effective, progressive training device on the market today. Designed to speed and increase your power to weight ratio as no other training system can. The SQUIDTRAINER V2 is so versatile that it can be used in any sport, even by non-athletes.

SQUID Industries, in partnership with Cyberforce, is pleased to announce the SQUID INDUSTRIES SQUIDTRAINER V2. This is a major upgrade to their underwater training platform and comes with a number of new features including a new control panel and improved targeting systems. We are also introducing Bio-Chips to the range, which will be coming soon.


Blade Length 4.50″
Blade Width 0.75″
Blade Thickness 0.12″
Blade Material Stainless Steel

Quick Shopping Tips:

Balisong and butterfly knives are popular with knife enthusiasts but chances are you’ve never heard of one before. They are also known as Batangas knives or even as fan knives. Whatever you choose to call them, they are a great knife to have and you can find out all about them by checking out this blog. A balisong knife is easy to use and is perfect for everyday use.


In my opinion, if you’re an experienced flipper, you should get yourself high-quality Batangas, which makes the flipping experience more smooth. For a novice flipper spending a lot on your first balisong is not recommended. You might not enjoy flipping, and you’ll have spent a lot of money on a knife you’ll have no use for after some time.

So buy a budget butterfly knife first, then trade up as you get better at flipping. Also, if you’re an amateur flipper, a trainers butterfly would be a good first option. If you don’t intend to flip and want to use your knife for self-defense or everyday cutting, decide on the best balisong knife for you according to your budget, blade type, brand, etc.


Make sure you check the materials used to build your balisong knife. If you don’t, you’ll only have yourself to blame if you end up buying a low-quality knife that doesn’t last. For example, balisong knife handles made from polymers, stainless steel, hard rubber, or aluminum provide an excellent grip and are more durable. Premium balisongs have titanium handles, which are top-notch.

Blade Type:

Most butterfly knives have either tanto, drop point, clip point, or a spear point blade, which are all sharp. You can also choose between the live blade balisong knife with a sharp edge or the trainer butterfly knives with blunt steel blades. Trainer blades are cheaper than live blades. Choose the blade type you want depending on what you’ll use the knife for and your preferences.


The size of your butterfly knife will determine how hard or easy it is to flip with it. For example, butterfly knives with long or short blade lengths can be challenging to flip. So you’re better off getting a medium-sized blade. The material used to make the knife will also impact performance. It goes without say butterfly knives made using high-quality materials offer the best performance.

Price Range:

Only you can determine how much you’ll spend on your butterfly knife. What I can assure you is our best butterfly knives review has excellent choices for different price points. So no matter your budget, you can find the perfect butterfly knife for you from our buyers’ guide.

Pivot pins:

As per the name, these are literally the pins on which the handles pivot giving the butterfly knife its famous actuation. The quality of these pins has a great effect on the smoothness and speed of the movement of the handles.

Pricier, higher-tier butterfly knives will enhance their pivot pins with ball bearings, not unlike wheel casters or fidget spinners to give users a truly silky-smooth and rapid movement. More often than not, these parts will be lubricated with knife oil, so long-time owners must take proper care of their pivot pins as their blades age.


Now that you have some options it is time to choose the Best Balisong Vs Butterfly Knife for your needs. The first thing you should do is think about why you need a balisong vs butterfly knife. We hope you enjoyed reading this blog post about the best butterfly knife. If you have any questions about the knives that were featured in this blog please feel free to contact us anytime. Thank you for reading and we are always happy to help you find the perfect knife!

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