Best 3 Claveles Kitchen Knives

After my husband started to get a taste for cooking and started a course recently, and since I wanted to change a couple of things in the kitchen and get a good set of professional knives, we started a online expedition to get some top products.

We were delighted with the 3 Claveles brand, so today I bring what my husband and I consider to be the best kitchen knives on the market .

That is why here I bring you the best options you have to choose the best knives of this fabulous brand.

1.​ 3 Carnations 1701- Best 3 Claveles Kitchen Knives

We all want an inseparable friend. The dog is man’s best friend, and 3 Claveles 1701 is the best friend for a cook, or in this case, for a ham holder, since this package has been specialized for slicing ham.

This equipment has enough tools to cut ham comfortably, as well as offering the possibility of including more knives.

Although it may seem like a package that you would only use for ham, it really is a combo by which you could complement or start your personal collection of knives.

The case is practical and takes up little space, as well as the pieces are of high quality. Thanks to this, they are considered one of the best kitchen knives.

The only negative point that I was able to achieve is precisely in the destination that this package is concerned with, because, as it is a presentation molded to the cut of ham, it wastes a bit of the capacity of the case and the excellent quality of its knives. However, it is not a problem, since the package has additional spaces for you to add other models of knives.

  • The briefcase is compact and has been designed to accompany you wherever you are.
  • Inside the briefcase there is space to add two or three more knives
  • It covers all the tools necessary for cutting ham.

  • The presentation could have been used to put more knives in the package.

2. 3 Claveles 1637 – Wherever you say

Nothing ago, “3 Claveles” invited us to carry the ham carrying case everywhere, but now he prefers to serve you within the dimensions of your home.

Regardless of where you target the “1637,” the cue structure will look good. Its upright structure gives it a very personal and transportable bearing.

For the rest, “1637” is a functional package: the five blades of its knives are made of stainless steel, as are its scissors, and each knife comes to fulfill a different task (special mention of Santoku) and to cover the tasks in the kitchen.

3 Claveles seems to want to advocate practicality: the block takes up little space, is comfortable to handle, and works wonderfully. With its professional kitchen knives it knows what it is going to do, and so do you, so don’t say more … to cook!

The negative point that I have been able to find with this knife is that at times, it can be slippery and fall. However, it does not present a problem in the quality of the cut.

  • The presentation of the taco is very attractive,
  • It takes up little space and invites to be transported from the countertop to the work area.
  • The inclusion of the Santoku brings personalized air to the package.
  • Holds sharp for quite some time.

  • The upright design of the cleat causes it to accidentally fall from time to time.

3. 3 Claveles Unblock – Capable of everything

The “1701” formula is repeated by giving us a case to transport our tools, only that, unlike the first presentation, this time it includes a more comprehensive repertoire of knives, which are correctly defended at the time of their execution.

It is an excellent package for professional use, offering quality work and ease of transport.

The only negative point that I could find is in the use at home, which would waste a little the potential of some knives because each one responds to a specific function. Therefore, the package has a more professional cut.

  • It is a fairly comprehensive package made up of different excellent cutting knives.
  • The briefcase is compact and perfectly transportable.

  • Outside the walls of the house is that its potential can really be harnessed.

4. 3 Claveles Cook and Cutter Pack 

We finish with a complimentary combo: two characters that together can do a fairly stable job and cannot be missing from your collection.

A 25 cm chef’s knife, effective as a saber, and a 10 cm peeler.

Both forged in a single piece of high-quality molybdenum vanadium stainless steel, and with an ergonomic handle design that is pleasant to the touch. Also, bring a sharpener with you.

Both additions can be significant members of your collection. Its quality promises competition both in the home and in the work kitchen. A golden opportunity.

The only negative point that I have been able to find about this package is that the cook can be somewhat heavy. Despite this, it is easy to handle and cut.

  • It has an excellent finish and ergonomic design.
  • In execution, its cut is perfect and highly recommended for the kitchen trade.
  • Includes a high-quality sharpener.

  • The chef’s knife can be somewhat heavy, making it a bit uncomfortable to use.

Best 3 Claveles Kitchen Knives of 2021

If we talk about the best brands of knives, 3 Claveles, backed by the good reception among its consumers, has risen to become a brand with respect within the culinary arts.

Your quest to offer us quality products has created an empirical path that should be taken into account. You just need to see the admiration with which their products are soaked to know that you are not buying anything.

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