Best Cheese Knives

This is a secret that I am going to confess today because whenever I have a meeting between friends they ask me how I make the cheese look too.

Previously, I cut the cheese with any knife I had in the kitchen, but then I found the best knives for specialized cheeses on the market and thanks to this, now I can distribute it better.

1. Arcos Riviera – Best Cheese Knives

This is an ideal knife for cutting large cheeses.

It has a clean-cut, so the pieces of cheese remain intact, do not stick or split.

It has a stainless steel blade and several rivets, which makes it durable and is also an easy-to-use model.

If you want to try the benefits of a cheese knife, this model is waiting for you. You won’t find a more precise cut.

The negative point that I have been able to find with this knife is that the curvature of the handle can be slightly uncomfortable when it is held for a long time. However, the sharpness of the knife allows the cut to be made in no time.

  • Make a precise cut
  • It is made of stainless steel

  • It has a slightly awkward handle curve.

2. Arcos Riviera Blanc – Elegance in a cheese knife

One of my favorite colors is white, it seems to me that it gives life to things, and the Arca Riviera brand, to pamper those people who like to combine colors in their kitchen, took out this version of the knife that I talked about earlier but with the white handle.

It has the same characteristics and the same quality, being made of stainless steel and providing a very precise cut of the cheese.

If you are looking for a special knife to cut cheese, this is an excellent option.

You will get very clean and neat cuts.

The negative point that I have been able to find with this product is that it has scratches on the block because it is loose in the shipping box. However, this does not affect the quality of your knives at all.

  • Provides a precise cut
  • It is made of stainless steel

  • It has a slightly awkward handle curve.

3. Arcos 792300 – Better grip for cutting cheese

With this knife, I said goodbye forever to the cuts that I used to make while cutting cheese.

It has a handle at each end so this allows me to have a better grip.

It is a knife with a good edge, stainless steel blade provides accuracy and comfort.

If you are looking for a cheese knife, but the safety of your family is the priority, the model of this knife will satisfy all your requirements.

The negative point that I have been able to find is that it should be dried immediately after washing to avoid oxidation. However, not all users report that this should be done.

  • It is made of a sharp steel blade.
  • It is safe.
  • It is comfortable.

  • It may show slight oxidation.

4. Wüsthof 4802 – Practical and comfortable cheese knife

One of the characteristics that I liked the most about this knife is its long blade.

which has a good factory edge in each part and, in addition, it is stainless as this allows me to slice any type of cheese.

It has a handle with a pleasant texture so that the grip of the knife is more precise and its blade is made to prevent the cheese from sticking.

If you want a utensil in your kitchen that allows you to do what you are required to ask at the supermarket when you buy cheese, for example slicing it, this is the knife you need.

The negative point that I have been able to find with this knife is that the non-stick material, over time, falls off with constant washing. However, it doesn’t completely lose it, no matter how much I use it, the cheese still doesn’t stick.

  • It has non-stick materials.
  • It has a stainless steel blade.
  • Its grip has a pleasant texture

  • Decreases its non-stick quality.

5. Walter 4901 – Two handles in one knife

This is another option in the market for double-handle kitchen knives. It has a long, rigid, stainless steel blade that allows greater cutting accuracy.

In addition, the edge of the blade has a sharp angle, facilitating the sliding of the knife.

It is ideal for cutting hard cheeses as its two handles allow it to exert greater force than any other knife.

If you are looking for a double-handled knife that is durable, this may be the best option since it does not present any type of wear.

The negative point that I have been able to find is that the handles when polished, can sometimes be slippery but in general this does not cause a problem, it is a very safe knife.

  • It is made of stainless steel.
  • Includes a double handle.

  • It is slightly slippery.

Chef’s knives for cheeses of 2020

These knives that I present to you are the best set of professional knives that I found on the market. Since I started using them, I was able to get more functions to the cheese, it also makes it look better and lasts longer. Cutting cheese is no longer complicated with the use of these products, so I highly recommend them.

What is a knife for cheese?

It is a utensil that facilitates the perfect cut of cheese, helps you make the most of the food, and serve it as it should be. It should be noted that there are various knives for different types of cheese. Once you try one of these, it will become a must in your kitchen.

It is important to know that each cheese deserves a different treatment. This depends directly on its firmness and its size, therefore, each piece of cheese should be cut and stored differently.

Kitchen Knives for Cheese: Uses and Design

A good cheese knife will give us full results. It will allow us to save time, effort, and make good use of all the material. Cheese knives generally come in two designs. Some of them come with perforations in the blade with a smooth edge and others without perforations in the blade and with a wavy edge.

The fact that the sheet is perforated or not indicates whether the design is intended for soft / semi-hard cheeses or if, on the contrary, they are for harder cheeses.

The cheese knives with perforations in the blade are designed to provide the best resistance to the last of the cheese and give a perfect, clean cut with little effort. In general, knives with a perforated blade come at the tip with a one or two-pointed skewer that will also serve us to serve the cheese in a hygienic and comfortable way.

It should be noted that thanks to the edge, the cut is very clean and allows us to work with full ease. Also, this model is useful for semi-hard cheeses. These cheese knives are the most common to find among domestic users since they are very versatile and allow us to work with a wide variety of fresh and semi-square cheeses.

The design of cheese knives with a perforated blade has a great advantage, which is that these perforations make the cheese portion not stick to the blade and it is very easy to peel off. When we work with knives for soft or creamy cheeses, we cannot prevent the residues from sticking due to its texture, this being a classic fat that we cannot escape.

The way to use the cheese knives depends a lot on the user’s habit. You can start by sticking the tip of the knife in the center of the cheese and once there, gently slide the rest of the knife to the base. Many users use cheese knives backward, feeling more confident starting from the last part of the blade towards the tip.

Why is it important tempered in kitchen knives for cheese?

It is very important that, at the time of working with these knives, it is warm or we can give it a heat stroke on the blade so that it gets a little hot. In this way, he will always give the best of himself and we will have less effort.

Types Set cheese knives

Next, we will name the types of knives that are used according to the type of cheese, and the utility of each of them:

Knife with holes in the center: these are used to cut soft and creamy cheese, and the shape of its blade has large cavities. It has a great advantage and that is that it prevents the cheese from sticking to the knife blade allowing a cleaner cut.


It is a curious kitchen instrument. This particular cheese knife allows you to cleanly cut not only soft or creamy cheeses but also those with a very fragile texture, such as Roquefort or Camembert.

Two-handle knives

it is very useful for cutting semi-hard cheeses, such as Zamorano or gruyere since this type of cheese already has certain curing. It should be noted that this type of knife is used especially to cut cheese into large pieces.

Punch: they are used to cut highly cured cheese, Parmesan type, which is a drier cheese, and with it we obtain the pieces of cheese with an irregular shape as if the piece of the portion was torn off, in the form of a rock.

How to choose the best set of knives for cheese in the market?

To choose the best knife on the market you must be very clear about your specific requirements, an important factor is the price must be according to your budget, the material in which the knife is made must be the best, the one that gives you the greater utility, and the quality that it gives you must be excellent, this is an aspect that is linked to the price, the higher the price, the more quality and the longer useful life it will offer you.

You should also know that according to the cheese to be cut, the knife to choose will depend since they come with different designs and uses.

Find out about this product well, until you can find the ideal knife that suits everything you are looking for and you will surely get the best on the market and with all the necessary functions to give you the best results.

If you make the best decision, this product will offer you long life and will become the perfect ally in your kitchen. It goes without saying that only you have the freedom to choose and decide according to your requirements for the correct knife.

Where to buy the best cheese kitchen knife on the market?

These kitchen utensils can be found in various establishments, according to their type and use, however, we want to offer you online options where you can purchase this product quickly, safely, and comfortably. Next, we will list some options:

Cheese kitchen knives on Amazon

here you can find a high range of this product, varied designs, in different brands, and with affordable prices. It gives you the opportunity to make your purchases from your Smartphone or computer, from anywhere you are, with just one click you can see all the information about this product.

Gives you an excellent shopping experience. It is the best option for you to make your purchase knowing that if you request the product at home, it will be delivered on time where you request it. They are 100% responsible.

Cheese kitchen knives at Carrefour

they have a wide variety of knives, in different manufacturing materials, the prices are accessible and they adapt to many budgets. Their attention is personalized, sometimes they offer unmissable offers and discounts.

Kitchen knives for cheese in El Corte Inglés

it has a limited stock of the product, however, among those it has, it offers quality, good brands, and acceptable prices.

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