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As a housewife, I usually cook food for my children and my husband almost every day, except for a few regular trips to restaurants. Every time I came up with a new recipe, traditional knife weren’t effective enough and made the job much more arduous and slow, especially when there were new ingredients in the recipes, which I rarely bought.

One day I decided to do a search on the web and take a look at the offers of electric knife that I had heard about in the occasional chat with my neighbors or friends. The result was really wonderful.

I had no idea of ​​the variety of electric knife that can be found. If you are going through the same problem that I went through, I recommend reading this buying guide about the best electric knife on the market, which I made especially for people who go through this nightmare. After you finish it, you will surely know which is the best electric knife for you. and you can also visit: best kitchen knives.

1. Moulinex DJAA42 Secalio – Best Electric knife


This electric knife is easy to clean and easy to disassemble every time it gets dirty.

Unlike most, the bracket structure is designed to be used by both right-handed and left-handed people.

In addition, its steel edge makes the cuts an exceptional job, as if it were a professional in the kitchen.

The negative point that I have been able to find is that some users claim that it has little power to cut, although it is important to mention that the consumers who made the comments tried to cut bones and fillets of considerable hardness.

If what you need is a knife that is inclusive so that everyone in the household can use it, this one offers you the opportunity that other kitchen knife do not.

  • It is easy to disassemble for cleaning.
  • Its steel edge makes good cuts.
  • It can be used by left and right-handed people.

  • Some users claim that it has little power.

2. Moulinex Secanto DJAC41

This electric bone cutting knife is also ideal for cutting frozen food due to the excellent quality of its blade.

Compared to other electric knife on the market, this model has the quality of including an ejection button to extract the blade from the holder and thus be cleaned more easily.

In addition, the Moulinex Secanto includes a special storage bag and an extra-long cord to facilitate the task of cutting in the kitchen.

The negative point that I have been able to find is that maintaining pressure when cutting costs a bit due to the movement of the knife, although this can be controlled with a correct hand position when holding the device.

If what you need is an electric knife that can cut all kinds of food, this is the one for you. The quality and the ease with which it is handled make this model one of the best and one of the most preferred by users.

  • It has a special storage bag.
  • Includes a button to remove the blade from the holder.
  • It is ideal for cutting bones and frozen.

  • Some users say that it costs a little to maintain pressure when cutting.

3. Severin 3965

The Severin 3965 has the quality of being one of the safest electric knife on the market due to its safety button to connect and disconnect,

In addition to providing special protection for the fingers of the user who uses it.

Another important factor that must be mentioned is that it is dishwasher safe.

The negative point that I have been able to find is that it usually makes a considerable noise when it is being used, although if we consider all the devices it includes to offer greater security, it is understandable that it produces a greater noise than other knife.

If you are looking for an electric knife that offers safety and is easy to use, this model is the one you need in your home, since it offers the possibility of cutting all types of food with the security of being suitable for members of your family.

  • It is dishwasher safe.
  • Provides special protection for fingers.
  • Includes a security button.

  • Some users point out that it makes considerable noise when being used.

4. Princess 492952 – Resistance turned into rubber and plastic

The 180-watt power that this product has characterizes it and differentiates it from the rest.

Its cutter blade is made with a rubber finish and plastic housing.

In addition, this multipurpose knife is designed to cut food in all types of conditions, including frozen food.

The negative point that I have been able to find is that compared to other electric knife it has a considerable weight, although, also compared to other knife, not all of them are capable of cutting frozen foods.

If what you need is a powerful knife that makes exceptional cuts without much effort, look no further. This model offers you to cut food like a professional in the kitchen with its stainless steel blade.

  • It has a power of 180 watts.
  • Its blade is made of rubber and plastic.
  • It is designed to cut food in all types of conditions.

  • Some consumers claim that it is heavy.

5. Kenwood KN 650

The blade of this knife is made of stainless steel and has a professional wavy structure that allows the best cuts.

It is easy to clean due to the inclusion of an eject button that separates the sheet from the bra.

It also includes a safety switch that when pressed turns off the knife at the time of any inconvenience.

The negative point that I have been able to find is that some users assure that it is also somewhat heavy, although this may be due to the material with which it is manufactured. However, this does not affect the quality of the cut made by this exceptional model.

If you are looking for an electric knife that is strong, durable, and safe to use, this is the one you have been looking for. Its innovative design and structure allow consumers to cut easily and without any major effort.

  • Its blade is made of stainless steel.
  • He brings a security button with him.
  • Includes an eject button that separates the sheet from the bra.

  • It can be considered somewhat heavy

Best Electric knife – Buying guide

Princess, Moulinex, Severin, and Kenwood are some of the brands recommended by experts in electric knife, due to the materials with which their products are made and the artifacts they include to offer a better service to their consumers.

Knife power

The Princess brand features knife ranging from 150 watts to 180 watts, making them one of the most powerful products on the market. In addition, Moulinex knife also feature power capable of cutting frozen foods and in difficult conditions to be cut by ordinary knife.

Wireless or wired

Most of the knife brands presented in this buying guide include a cable that facilitates the electrical connection. Likewise, they present greater security when making cuts, since wireless knife do not include safety or ejection buttons like those that do have cables.

Blades type

Both the Severin brand of knife and the Kenwood brand offer suitable materials for cutting food, including the most used for the manufacture of products: stainless steel. In addition, the blades of Princess products combine other materials such as rubber and plastic to ensure better service from these electric knife.

Best brands of electronic knife

If you are looking for information on the best brands, look no further, here are the best by far:


This brand is one of the greatest exponents in terms of the manufacture of household appliances and electronic products. Their catalog is extremely varied, thanks to the implementation of new technologies and current designs they have managed to continue as one of the top sales in the market.


This Spanish brand has positioned itself quickly and thanks to the fact that they manufacture very good quality equipment at incredible prices. Their electric knife are top picks for new buyers.


Dutch manufacturer with more than 20 years in the market, in its catalog they have appliances from mixers, air fryers, blenders, coffee makers, kitchen robots, kettles, refrigerators and a lot of other products. The motto of this brand is to make your experience in the kitchen the best of all thanks to its products that will make your life easier.

What is an electric kitchen knife for?

As I mentioned before, an electric kitchen knife serves to optimize the time we spend preparing food to make the dishes we enjoy so much. It is important to know that these knife are made of different materials among them, although most are suitable for making cuts like a professional. Knowing which knife are those that cover our needs in the kitchen is essential when choosing which one we should buy. However, the truth is that when you buy an electric knife, the task of cooking is reduced and simplified, so it is an excellent investment that I recommend you make.

What is an electric knife?

It is a kitchen utensil that allows you to cut very easily the slices of bread or meat in moderate parts according to the variety of cuts you want. They are a practical and excellent appliance, as well as a first-rate kitchen tool. In addition, these can make cuts that are straighter, more comfortable, and secure.

In general, these devices are usually more expensive than traditional ones, however, with this knife, you can cut whatever you want, it has the necessary power to slice and cut foods that are more complicated.

How to use an electric knife?

An electric knife is a kitchen tool that can cut food easily and quickly. It can also be used in homes or larger professional restaurants. In this way, a series of steps must be followed to perfectly control its operation; these are the following:

Get started by installing the blades

Before installing the blades, verify that the device is not plugged in. To install them, grasp the sides that are not sharp to avoid hurting yourself and insert them into the equipment. It is important that you know that you can hook two blades at the same time. Choose the models that include two sets of blades, so you can perfectly cut frozen foods that are more tender.

Plugin the knife to turn it on

For it to start working, you need to connect the device. It’s ready when you turn on the indicator light. Next, what you have to do is put the knife on the food you are going to cut. Use back and forth movements for stronger foods like frozen items. Mind you, be careful not to touch the blades in action.

Limit its activation

To improve its operation and guarantee a long life for your knife, it is recommended that you use it for a maximum of 15 minutes. Afterward, let it cool in the open air before using it again.

Be careful with very hard food

Although this knife makes it easier to cut all kinds of food, some are prohibited, especially the cores that could impair its operation.

Keep the cord away from damp places

For added safety when using the knife, avoid placing the cord near water or humid places. Likewise, never try to use it under the running tap. Otherwise, there may be a danger of electric shock.

Keep the knife away from children

When using the knife, it is important to keep children away, as this is a very dangerous device for them. Don’t let them get near the device. When you are not using it, please put it away so children cannot get it.

Unplug it before cleaning

It is important to unplug the knife from the socket to wash it. Otherwise, any damage could occur.

Clean the blades after use

It is essential to wash the sharp edges after each use. To do this, you must remove the blades from the equipment. Some models have an automatic ejection system to remove them. Wash them well with soap and water. Clean and dry them before storing to extend their useful life.

What are the advantages of using an electric knife?

You may wonder what difference an electric knife has from a traditional one, do I really need an electric knife? One of the main advantages is that with one of these kitchen utensils you can cut any type of food, even the most difficult, such as frozen products that are the most difficult to cut.

Most of the time when cutting with conventional knife, the annoying pain caused by using force to cut food remains, electric knife will avoid those wrist aches. Likewise, with one of this electrical equipment you can get the perfect measure in your cuts and the perfect thickness in each slice.

What budget do I need to buy an electric knife?

Most of the time, we always choose to prefer traditional knife because they are the cheapest; Although buying an electric knife will cost you more, it will generate excellent and great results. So, adjust your budget to the need you have.

How to choose the best electric knife?

It is an essential tool in any modern kitchen, an electric knife is very useful both for daily life, as well as for when you have a visit at home. So that you know exactly which is the best electric knife adjusted to your needs, we invite you to read the main criteria that you must take into account when choosing one of these utensils:


This element establishes the ability of the electric knife to cut any type of food, from frozen to bread through roasts. Depending on the model and brand of the product, this energy can vary between 100 and 180 W. Therefore, it is best to choose a knife that is efficient enough to dominate all types of food, even the softest, without having to make minimal effort.


It is also important to take into account the dimensions of this utensil that you want to buy. The best thing is that the knife is easy to handle, without being an uncomfortable object while you handle it. This will give you more accuracy in your actions while avoiding incidents.

The length of the electric knife, as well as its width and height, should not cause any difficulty when handling it. In the same way, make sure of the ergonomics of the device. The design and all its functions should allow you easy handling. You can test the knife to see if its ergonomics meet your needs or if it has any issues with its use.

The ease of washing

When buying an electric knife it is important that you know that having one of these utensils with two blades to cut different types of food should not make washing it a chore by forcing you to wash everything by hand. So make sure the knife and blades are machine washable, which could make your routines a lot easier.

To remove or replace the blade during washing, it is best if your electric knife has a mechanism to automatically eject the blade. This greatly improves your safety and helps prevent incidents.


Generally, the prices of electric knife vary between 20 euros for the cheapest ones and up to 50 € for a higher quality range, everything will depend on the model you choose and the characteristics you need it to have.

Where to buy an electric knife?

Undoubtedly, there are few completely safe online stores to make a purchase, and even more so to acquire this type of essential product that must be chosen carefully. Whatever your case, if you want to buy an electric knife, these are the most reliable websites to make your purchase.

Electric knife at Amazon

It has a huge variety in terms of prices, designs, models, and brands of electric knife. By filtering it you can find the product you want from this kitchen sector, enjoying an excellent guarantee and security.

Electric knife in Carrefour

In this portal, you can get different models and various brands among which you can choose the one you like the most and meets your expectations, however, it has an average inventory of merchandise.

Electric knife in Media Markt

Indeed, their catalog is not very extensive, you can find various models, as well as a small number of brands available.

Electric knife in El Corte Inglés

On this website they handle an average amount of products of this type, you can get a certain amount of it, but it is a little scarce.

Advantages of using an automatic knife, what are its strengths?

A model of the ranking of electric knife has become for many a very useful kitchen tool, if you do not know why then we will tell you some advantages of using an electric device in the kitchen.

What are the advantages of using a knife? Its advantages are:

  • Helps slice food fast .
  • Safe to use.
  • Cortes precise and uniform.
  • It can be used in frozen or soft products .


If you’re considering add a new electric knife to your kitchen or equipment, here are a few of the best electric knife to consider. You will want to choose the best electric knife to suit your needs. There many different brands all with different types of construction so choose wisely. knife can become quite pricey. Make sure to get one you will not only be comfortable with but will also last forever.

We’ve seen a lot of high-quality electric knife on this list. However, while each one is perfectly suited for the job at hand, we believe that two of them stand out from the rest. First, we appreciate the quality of the craftsmanship of the Electric Knife. For the most part, Japanese steel is going to be sharper and longer-lasting than German, which is why we highly recommend these best electric knife.

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