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A frequent complaint that comes up at home is that we don’t have the right knife to cut food. When you spend as much time in the kitchen as I do, you realize that it is necessary to have a range of knife to cut everything well and quickly. One of the products that most deserve a precise and quality cut are hams.

That is why I decided to search the internet for the best ham knife , which led me to draw up this simple list of those that I have considered the most outstanding for their characteristics and functions.

1. Zwilling PROFESSIONAL S 31122-313

Among the different options offered to the market, the first one that I wanted to present on this list is the Zwilling 31122-313 ham knife. This, for me, can be considered the best ham knife currently on the market. I say this because this ham knife has managed to captivate me with its impeccable stainless steel finish, which makes it extremely resistant and durable over time. One of the things that I liked the most about this product is the comfort of its components.

This is because it has a synthetic handle, which due to its texture is extremely soft and comfortable, so it does not generate dryness in the hand at the time of use. In addition, this handle does not have a transition space with the rest of the knife, which greatly enhances the aesthetics and balance of this professional ham knife.

Another aspect that must be seen before buying a ham knife is how safe it is. Especially in a product of such high quality and precision, it is very important to know if it is safe for use.

I also liked this knife because its ergonomic handle and its flexibility contribute greatly to making it a safe utensil. In addition, in the reinforcement part, it has useful and necessary protection for the fingers, which has delighted me and many other users.

The negative point that I have been able to find with this ham knife is that for some users it will never be possible to imitate the sharpening with which it was produced.

However, I have never had problems with its sharpening and it cuts great.

  • It is a knife that has protection for the fingers.
  • Has a comfortable handle.
  • It has a stainless steel finish.

  • Some are of the opinion that its initial sharpening cannot be imitated.

2. Arcos Kyoto 178600

The market offers multiple options to buy a ham knife. Another one that I liked the most is the Arcos Kyoto 178600. At first glance, this knife does not seem to have all the characteristics that it boasts. However, once you start using it, this feeling ends. This is primarily due to the fact that it is made of impeccable stainless steel, which provides this knife with outstanding durability and strength.

The stainless steel in this product is forged from a NITRUM quality steel. There are not many knife that follow the traditional forging process, which is why I found the Arcos Kyoto 178600 very attractive. That also implies that it is made in one piece, which contributes to the stability and firmness of the product.

But one of the most important aspects to consider is the precision of the finish. Cutting ham with a knife is essential to determine the quality of the product. In the case of this ham knife, it has a double-sharpened design, which allows obtaining the most precise finishes in a very short time. In addition, with respect to its design, this product has vertical minimalist lines that enhance its aesthetics, in addition to having a comfortable space for the handle.

Finally, another aspect that I can highlight about this product is that its handle, in addition to being visually attractive, is extremely comfortable. It is made of polyoxymethylene (POM) , which makes it very resistant to all types of detergents and extreme temperatures with which it can come into contact, also favoring the safety of the user.

The negative point that I have been able to find with this ham knife is its flexibility, because although it has a fairly comfortable handle, the flexibility it allows in use is a bit scarce, which does not mean that its precision will also decrease.

  • It is made of stainless steel
  • Has a double sharpened design
  • It is a knife forged and manufactured in one piece
  • Its handle is comfortable

  • For some users, it is not very flexible

3. Zwilling Four Star 31082-311

Forged blades are my favorites. Regardless of whether you buy a set of professional ham knife or one individually, I consider that the ones that are of the highest quality are those that go through the forging and are manufactured in a single Sigmaforge piece, as is the case with the Zwilling Four Star 31082-311- 0. In particular, I really liked this product because it has very good functions, typical of the Zwilling brand.

First of all, one of the aspects that I have loved the most about this product is that it has a cold-hardened blade with Friodur . This is essential to give a knife strength and firmness , especially if it is to cut something as delicate as a leg of ham. In addition, this feature allows it to be durable , something that I consider very important since you cannot be buying new knife all the time.

I also really liked the design of this ham knife, which is very elegant . This is due, among other reasons, to the fact that the transition between the handle and the rest of the knife has no joints. In addition, it is an extremely long knife , since it has measurements that amount to 7 x 47 x 3 cm, in addition to a weight of just 222 grams.

Zwilling FOUR STAR – Sigmaforge one-piece forged blade ham knife, Friodur cold hardened blade, 310 millimeters, stainless steel
The materials of this product have seemed to me of high quality. And it is that this knife is made of special stainless steel , with a special casting that guarantees a firmness in its use. In addition, its handle is made of synthetic leather, which is very comfortable when it comes into contact with the hand of the user.

Accuracy is another element that I think is extremely important in this ham knife, since those of us who have it agree that the cuts it makes are very exact and detailed .

The negative point that I have been able to find with this ham knife is that some users have reported that it has come with a bent tip, but this has not been an impediment to its correct use in most cases.

  • It is made of quality materials such as stainless steel
  • Makes precise cuts
  • It has a considerable length
  • It is strong and durable

  • For some users, the tip has been bent

4. Global MT742

Each particular product has a multitude of functionalities that stand out. In the case of the Global MT742 ham knife, it is an important option to consider as well. One of the things that I liked the most about this product is that it is very light , as it weighs just 115 grams.

Regarding the dimensions of this knife, it is very important to keep in mind that it satisfies the needs of most buyers, as it has a length of 435 mm in total. Only the blade is 335 mm long, making it ideal for slicing ham along the leg of the pig. Many users appreciate this product because with it they save a lot of time by being able to cut with one pass.

In addition, the great hardness that this knife presents is another element that stands out greatly. This measurement is between 56º and 58º HRC, which gives it a lot of resistance and strength . It is an extremely durable product that allows it to be used over the years, because its blade is made of stainless steel .

Finally, another element that stands out about this product is that it is sharpened on both sides , which makes it an ideal product for ambidextrous people . This quality makes it perfect for all those who have difficulties with movement with their hands, allowing it to be a versatile and easy-to-use product.

The negative point that I have been able to find with this product is that its use may be more intended for the professional field, but that does not imply that people without greater experience cannot acquire skills with its use.

  • It is made of stainless steel
  • Has a prominent length
  • It’s sharp on both sides
  • It is ideal for ambidextrous

  • It can be very professional use

5. Walter Kern 8441

If what you are looking for is the best quality-price ham knife that has a series of characteristics that fulfill the functions that users demand, the Walter Kern 8441 knife can be your ally in this regard. This is because it has a 280mm long extension, which is more than enough for most users.

The fact that the blade is that long, combined with its small thickness of 2.0 mm, makes it possible to cut the narrowest and smallest surfaces, making it ideal for slicing ham.

Another great advantage is that its weight is just 182 grams, so it is extremely comfortable for those who use it.

The material stands out because although it is made of stainless steel, it is coated with titanium, which provides it with a lot of durabilities over time.

As well as resistance to any type of material. Instead, the handle of this product is made of polyoxymethylene, which gives it a lot of comfort and ease of grip.

The negative point that I have been able to find with this knife is that for users who have no experience it can be somewhat dangerous, as it is very sharp, but if you are careful there will be no problem.

  • It is coated with titanium
  • Its dimensions allow precise cuts
  • Its weight is 182 grams

  • It can be dangerous if not handled properly

Best Ham knife – Buying guide

Ham knife are an indispensable instrument, especially in the Christmas season, to cut pig legs that delight the palates of thousands. But there are many types of knife that fulfill these functions.

The alveoli are ideal for ham knife. This is because the objective when cutting ham is to make the finest slice. Therefore, the alveoli help it not to adhere and can be cut to length.

Knife material

The ideal material among ham knife is stainless steel because it allows maximum durability over time, as well as solid resistance.

Types of hams

The world of ham is extremely broad. Generally, classifications are usually established according to the diet that the pig had in its rearing. Some classifications are:

Acorn-fed ham – It is raised in the meadows and is also fed with cereals and legumes, but in the fattening period, grass and acorns are incorporated.
Cebo ham – Refers to pigs that were fed in farms based on cereals and legumes.

Parts of acorn-fed Iberian ham

The mace – It is the juiciest part, being the one with the most meat.
The cotramaza – It is the part with less fat of the ham and is found on the opposite side of the ham.
The tip – It is called the opposite part of the leg, known for its strong flavor.
The babillas – It is under the mace. It has less flavor and it is recommended to consume it first because it loses its freshness.
The hock and the reed – These are the parts that are located in the anterior part of the hoof. They have a hard and rough texture.

Tips for slicing ham like a pro

Choose the right knife and with which you feel comfortable

Cutting ham is an art. Therefore, it is important to choose an ideal knife to cut ham and that is also comfortable for our needs.

Keep the knife sharp

No matter how good the knife is, it is essential that it be kept sharp all the time to achieve the best results.

Always use a flat support

Always thinking about safety and prevention, it is important to place the ham on a flat support and cut without holding the knife towards the body.

What is a ham knife?

It is a kitchen utensil that allows us to make a precise cut of the ham, that is, a perfect cut without gradations, smooth, and ideal to achieve the properties of good ham.

A good ham knife is important to obtain a totally different product. Ham cutting is an art since, if the perfect piece is achieved, we can enjoy the texture, the essence, and the smell to be able to appreciate something completely fantastic.

To cut a ham correctly, we not only have to know some cutting tricks, as well as the most appropriate technique, but we also need to have a good ham knife at our fingertips.

To cut the Iberian ham, you must use a ham knife to be able to accurately slice the meat of the leg; a specially created knife with a long and flexible blade that allows you to cut finely and with complete precision. It should be noted that to taste the properties of Iberian ham, the cut must be done manually.

How to sharpen a knife to cut ham?

To fully enjoy the experience of tasting an acorn-fed Iberian ham, we advise you not to neglect any detail. Therefore, below, we show you the benefits of sharpening a ham knife well.

Knowing how to cut a ham correctly is a skill that gives a better flavor to an acorn-fed Iberian ham. A ham knife is totally designed for a specific use and is to cut ham. But there are several options for sharpening a knife specially designed for ham, such as the ones shown below:

With stone

It is the most traditional object that we know to sharpen knife. However, they are not just any stones but professional stones; These have two different faces: one of them serves to sharpen the blade of the knife, and the other shapes the knife, achieving a homogeneous and balanced result that guarantees an ideal cut of thin-sliced ​​ham.

Sharpening a ham knife with a stone is very easy. First, you should let the stone soak for two hours and then pass the stone in the same direction along the edge of the knife to achieve a balanced sharpening and obtain a millimeter cut. Finally, clean the knife well to make it ready for the next use.

With steel

With this, we do not really sharpen the knife, but we flatten the edge of the knife blade worn by frequent use. The sharpening is made of stainless steel and is shaped like a tube, it has a rough blade to pass the blade of the knife and improve it for a correct sharpening.

How to choose the best ham knife?

When choosing a ham knife, the first thing you should know is what characteristics a good ham knife must have in order to make a correct choice of it. Next, we show you the most important elements that you have to see in a ham knife:

The handle

Although the blade of the knife is made of stainless steel, the handle can also be made of this same material as well as the blade, made of wood or plastics. You must choose the handle with which we feel most comfortable and that we like the most to the touch.

The size of the blade

Ham knife, normally, are distinguished by having a long, flexible, and precise blade, thus standing out from the other knife, shorter and with a wider blade. For a knife to be of good quality, it must have a stainless steel blade due to its particular hygiene characteristics, its flexibility, and its anti-corrosive power. The length of the blade should be around 270 mm, although on the market we can get knife from 240 to 360 mm blade.

The tip of the knife

Currently, we can get knife with a rounded or sharp tip. The former is safer, but since the hams are cut with the body of the knife blade, in this case having a pointed or rounded blade will not affect the cut.

Other characteristics of the blade

Today in the market we find knife with non-stick Teflon coated blades, ceramic blades, among others, however, the usual stainless steel blade is the one that never fails. We can also find leaves with alveoli, that is, with holes, which make it easier for the slice not to stick to the knife, although if we use tweezers, a honeycombed blade will not be necessary.

Accessories such as wrapping to store the knife

It is essential to store the knife in a sheath to prevent damage to the cut of the blade or to scratch. The envelope is a security element to move the knife and to keep it in perfect condition. This does not affect the quality of the knife, however, it does affect its durability, favoring its good maintenance.

Why buy a knife to cut ham?

To achieve a perfect cut in a ham, three basic elements are needed, which are: a good ham base that makes the cut easier for us, an expert with basic knowledge about cutting ham, and a set of professional knife in the ham. that a good ham knife is essential.

Most of the time we do not give much importance to having good knife in the kitchen, however, we must know that they are a fundamental work utensil and that they are essential to save us work and help us cut food in the most appropriate way.

In relation to the ham knife, it has a very important function, and it is to obtain the slice with the appropriate thickness and thus obtain a magnificent flavor.

Some professionals even recommend having a set of knife with tweezers to avoid having to touch the slices of ham when cutting them and thus avoid losing their exquisite fat. In addition, they maintain that it is best to have three knife: one to peel the ham and thus make the slices clean without crust, another pointed knife to cut the ham around the bone, and the most essential of all these: a good knife ham holder. They also suggest, as essential, to have to sharpen steel to sharpen them as they lose their edge.

After having chosen the best ham knife you will see that when using it, the ham slices have the ideal thickness to taste all its nuances, from cured meat to oil derived from its fat, an exceptional pleasure.

Best brands of professional ham knife

If you are looking for information on the best brands, look no further, here are the best by far:


Spanish multinational with more than 150 years in the knife manufacturing industry. In their catalog, they have more than 1000 models of different knife. The quality of this brand is unmatched therefore finding the best quality-price ham knife in it is possible.


This German brand is a guarantee of quality and innovation. They are specialists in the manufacture of pots, covers, kitchen utensils, and of course in ham knife.

Walter kern

The brand recognized worldwide thanks to its sets of kitchen knife, boning knife, and ham knife. Its products are manufactured under the best standards, guaranteeing quality, and durability.

Where can you buy a ham knife?

At this point you should be clear about which model is the model you want, if you are wondering where to buy my professional ham knife from the comfort of my home, do not worry, then we recommend the best online stores

Amazon ham knife

This is the most recognized online store worldwide. Amazon is the perfect store to make a comparison of ham knife since they have an unbeatable variety of models at your disposal. As if that were not enough, its shipping system is faster and more secure at the moment.

El Corte Ingles ham knife

In this store, you have at your disposal almost everything you want as it has a variety of departments such as electronics, fashion, accessories, household items among others. They have this product in stock and also have a good variety of models.

Carrefour professional ham knife

This store is characterized by having great offers on food products. Additionally, they are experts in the sale of technological products, appliances, mobile telephony. They have this product at your disposal but you should know that they are not usually the top models.

Advantages of using a ham knife?

If you have doubts about the benefits that this product offers you, below we will mention some of the advantages of having it

What are the advantages of using a knife to cut ham? Its advantages are:

  • You have the possibility to choose the thickness of the slice .
  • You take advantage of 100% of the ham.
  • They are safe to use.
  • You make precise cuts.
  • Strong and durable.

Guide and Opinions: Comparisons / Best Ham knife
Best Ham knife

What is the best knife to cut ham?

A frequent complaint that comes up at home is that we don’t have the right knife to cut food. When you spend as much time in the kitchen as I do, you realize that it is necessary to have a range of knife to cut everything well and quickly. One of the products that most deserve a precise and quality cut are hams.

That is why I decided to search the internet for the best ham knife, which led me to draw up this simple list of those that I have considered the most outstanding for their characteristics and functions.

Tips for choosing a good ham knife

To know which knife you should buy, you must take into account some recommendations, such as the different models and characteristics of each one:


If you do not know how to choose your knife to cut ham, it is important that you ask yourself the following


With or without alveoli? Models without alveoli are traditionally used since as you make the cut you help yourself with tweezers or with your hands to remove the slice of ham. The alveoli are small indentations on the blade of the knife, which are of great help so that the ham does not stick to the blade during cutting. The choice will depend on your righteousness.


The best ham knife have stainless steel blades as this is the material that guarantees maximum durability. Those that are built in a single piece provide you with greater stability and firmness when making the cut.


A model that is capable of giving you the necessary flexibility when making the cut is ideal. We recommend that you read the opinions about the ham knife of other buyers, it will help you to know if the model of your interest meets this characteristic.


This is a point to take into account because the more ergonomic the handle, the better you will make the cuts since you have better control of the knife. The best ham knife on the market have non-slip handles, made of synthetic leather, polyoxymethylene or materials that are resistant to all types of detergents and extreme temperatures.

Length and affiliation

When deciding which ham knife to buy, you should consider its length, as there are models for all tastes. Ideally, one whose dimensions are approximately 260mm. On the other hand, having a blade that has a double affiliation would be ideal. This way you will not only have the best cuts but it is also safer.
Accessories and Maintenance: Having a cover is essential, in this way you not only protect the edge but also avoid possible accidents. Washing it with hot water and soap is essential to preserve its condition, remember to also dry it very well.

How much money should I spend on my ham knife?

There are prices and models for all users so that you have an idea of ​​what the prices of ham knife are, we will mention below an estimate of the budget you should have

Cheaper ham knife (less than $ 100) – Below this price you may find some models, but they are not always part of the ranking of ham knife, and they may have some limitations or are simply not the best quality.

knife to cut better quality ham (more than $ 100) – Above this price range, there are high-quality models and of course, the most recognized brands, which is why they are the most recommended products.


If you’re considering add a new hum knife to your kitchen or equipment, here are a few of the best hum knives to consider. You will want to choose the best hum knife to suit your needs. There many different brands all with different types of construction so choose wisely. Knives can become quite pricey. Make sure to get one you will not only be comfortable with but will also last forever.

We’ve seen a lot of high-quality hum knife on this list. However, while each one is perfectly suited for the job at hand, we believe that two of them stand out from the rest. First, we appreciate the quality of the craftsmanship of the Hum Knife. For the most part, Japanese steel is going to be sharper and longer-lasting than German, which is why we highly recommend these best hum knife.

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