Best Kitchen Knives

I would place myself among the first, but I also understand that not everyone shares my love for cooking. In both cases, the work can be greatly facilitated when you have the right tools. That is an irrefutable truth that looms everywhere.

On this occasion, I have gathered a series of opinions that are very useful to be able to discern which are the best kitchen Knives. First of all, I hope it can be of use and that it can save you headaches or inconvenience. The list has been carefully compiled, carefully weighing the benefits and features of each product. you can also visit: best electric knife

1. Allezola 21 cm Professional – best kitchen Knives

Allezola is one of the most advanced and professional best kitchen Knives you can find on the market. This chef’s knives is strong and durable, with high quality and made of materials that make it a first-rate utensil. Its stainless steel blade is the best guarantee that your investment in this knives will last and will pay off.

It is designed for professionals, you will be able to notice it from the moment you start using it. In addition, it is a multipurpose tool that can perform a myriad of different tasks: it will help you cut, slice, and chop almost any food. With it, you will reduce the number of tools you need in your kitchen, which also serves to save space.

Allezola 21cm Professional Chef’s knives, German High-Quality Stainless Carbon Steel best kitchen Knives.
It has a balanced weight and size, which helps its users to function more comfortably. Also, its ergonomics reduces the chances of you experiencing cramps and pain after long hours of use. All of us who have cooked for a long period of time are going to appreciate this quality, as it comes to provide us with great relief.

The only negative point that I have been able to find is the difficulty involved in cleaning the best kitchen Knives correctly. This problem is caused by the very arrangement of the parts of the utensil, which prevent easy and complete access. However, with the necessary patience this can be solved, using other methods to clean the knives and leave it gleaming.

  • It has high-quality materials that guarantee extensive durability
  • It has an ergonomic design that greatly facilitates the work of the person who uses it
  • Provides the ability to chop different foods

  • It has difficulty when cleaning it.

2. Zwilling PROFESSIONAL “S”

This is one of the most comprehensive and top-rated professional best kitchen Knives set on the market. It is a set of 3 Knifs that provide very high quality. These 3 utensils can be used to cut, slice, chop, and cut fruits. With this product you will be able to extrapolate the specialization that is in the restaurants to your own home, using each one for specific tasks.

It has an ice-hardened blade, in which the FRIODUR technique was applied to achieve greater durability and resistance to corrosion. That same blade is made of stainless steel to provide greater strength and a remarkable edge. It also has a quality ergonomic design , especially when you want to avoid the fatigue that occurs with hours in the kitchen.

The best kitchen Knives in this set have specific characteristics depending on the task they are going to accomplish. The first is a large, heavy, broad-bladed chef’s knives. Then there is the sturdy fillet knives and the little lace trim. This growing specialization adds a touch of professionalism to any home kitchen, allowing even the least skilled in the culinary arts to become familiar with the routines and ways of a professional chef.

Zwilling PROFESSIONAL S – Set of 3 Knives, lace, fillet, and chive, stainless steel
All best kitchen Knives in the set feature a smooth transition from handle to blade, making them pleasant to hold. The traditional plastic handle with the presence of the usual three rivets has a special head so that the fingers do not slip. This adds greater security, something that our hands and fingers will greatly appreciate.

The negative point that I have been able to find is that it is focused on the smallest of the best kitchen Knives in the set. This particular best kitchen Knives can be very delicate and sensitive to falls and similar accidents. However, to remedy it, it would only be essential to be attentive enough when using it.

  • Provides greater specialization of the functions of each best kitchen Knives
  • It has an ergonomic design that reduces fatigue derived from cooking for a long time.
  • It has an anti-slip head that reduces the chances of the person cutting themselves

  • It is a delicate product with a low resistance to accidents.

3. Pradel Excellence 31123

One of the most resistant professional products with the greatest diversity in its composition. It is a set that has 22 different pieces , all made of stainless steel. This huge number of pieces allows for the greatest specialization, in addition to having the quality of allowing several members of the family to dedicate themselves to preparing food.

The best kitchen Knives are arranged inside a briefcase so they don’t get lost and don’t create any kind of a mess.

It has a high technology that allows them to maintain the edge for a long time.

They are resistant to impacts and accidents since the materials are not flimsy or noticeably altered after a fall. On the other hand, the presentation of the product is elegant and shows a style that characterizes it.

For all this, we can place this set among the best professional best kitchen Knives.

The negative point that I have been able to find is that inside the briefcase the best kitchen Knives can come loose or come loose beforehand. This deteriorates the organization. Perhaps this problem can be solved quickly by relocating the Knives.

  • They are products resistant to shocks and accidents, something that greatly increases their durability.
  • Provides high technology at the service of a superior edge
  • Includes elegant packaging that can be used as a decoration piece

  • The 22 different pieces that this set has can constitute an impediment to order

4. Deik 14 pieces

It is one of the best kitchen Knives on the market. It Includes 11 Room s best kitchen Knives designed stainless steel high quality, which can resist stains, rust, and even provide a good defense against bacteria.

The different sizes of each of the best kitchen Knives guarantee that each one will be used to undertake a different undertaking within the kitchen, so this set provides the essential equipment to attend to household chores.

They have always-ready-to-use, high-precision sharpening that requires minimal effort to cut. Another attraction is its smart design that provides ergonomics by preventing fatigue from appearing.

This ergonomics also extends to the handle, giving it the ability to fit neatly in the hand and thus ensure comfort when cutting, slicing or chopping.

Finally, these Knives are designed in one piece, which makes them resistant to accidents and very easy to clean.The negative point that I have been able to find is that when using them I noticed that the steel needs special care to stay sharp. This is noticeable after a period of continuous use. However, this defect is covered by the same set, which provides you with a very useful stainless steel sharpener to solve this small inconvenience.

  • The ergonomics of its handle means that the work of cutting and slicing does not generate discomfort
  • The one-piece design makes these best kitchen Knives drop resistant and easy to clean.
  • Its cutting edge is precise, which allows the work to be done with the least possible physical effort.

  • The edge can disappear quickly if you don’t take the proper steps to keep it flawless.

5. Deik Silver

It is another product presented by the Deik brand, one of the best brands of Knives today. Therefore, all the pieces that this set contains have a fairly high guarantee of durability and technology that is put at the service of people who cook. For all these qualities, the set that I present here deserves to be considered one of the best kitchen Knives on the market.

It has a 2-year warranty. In addition, the Knives are made of a single, solid, and accident-resistant piece.

Thanks to that, security will become easier, and you don’t have to worry about the accumulation of dirt or pathogens either.

All best kitchen Knives in the set have a blade of resistant German steel, sharp and strong against corrosion.

In addition, the oak wood support provides the ideal space to safely store the best kitchen Knives, and it also has good attributes as a decorative element.

The negative point that I have been able to find appears when the knives has been stored without proper care and is the appearance of rust on the blade. This could be avoided by placing the utensil on its holder after it has been thoroughly dried.

  • Its strong steel makes the cutting edge stand out for its durability and for being immune to corrosion.
  • The fact that they are made in a single piece provides greater safety against accidents.
  • Oakwood stand reduces clutter and provides adequate storage space for the set.

  • The edge of this best kitchen Knives can represent a problem for the safety of those who use it.

6. SHAN ZU SZPCS-2017-002

One of the best Knives made of Damascus steel. Like the rest of the SHAN ZU brand products, it has the quality of adapting to the requirements of the majority of customers and is easy to use. With it you can enjoy the cooking experience again, without worrying too much about other factors.

It has a mirror jet blade, which guarantees a superior edge.

Its cutting edge is also strong and can provide sharpness and precision four times higher than that provided by conventional steel best kitchen Knives.

It is not easy for the blade to be affected by rust or corrosion since the materials are of the best quality.

It also has the characteristic of being multifunctional , serving in different foods.

The negative point that I have been able to find is that it does not have any technology that protects the user from being injured, so I do not recommend that people who do not cook regularly buy or handle it. However, when it comes to skilled people, the issue practically goes unnoticed.

  • It is a multifunctional best kitchen Knives with which you can perform many different tasks and in different foods.
  • Its superior edge means that the physical force that you will have to apply to chop and chop is the minimum.
  • The blade also proves to be very resistant to rust and corrosive agents.

  • The edge of this knives can represent a problem for the safety of those who use it.

7. SHAN ZUSZPCS-2017-003

A product that stands out among its class. This product combines elements of Asian gastronomy and introduces them to our western kitchens. In this way, the characteristics that are positively valued by Asian chefs have a place for us to appreciate them in their proper degree. The result of such cultural syncretism is the perfect best kitchen Knives for all types of homes.

It features a mirror-blasted blade, giving it a cutting edge that is vastly superior to a common steel knives.

This edge guarantees a fast and precise cut, with the least possible effort.

The materials are not easy to rust either, so they can stay unscathed for a long time.

Its design also provides high resistance to accidents or impacts arising from an unexpected fall, and it is also multifunctional.

The negative point that I have been able to find with this best kitchen Knives was its dangerous edge, so I advise against using it if you do not have the necessary dexterity. Beyond that, it is a perfect knives for many tasks.

  • It is a product of great durability since its materials are difficult to rust and resistant to impacts.
  • It is a multifunctional best kitchen Knives that will allow you to chop and slice different foods with the same utensil
  • Its blade is sharp and guarantees a fast and precise cut quite easily, saving the person energy

  • It is too sharp and dangerous for people who do not have the required experience in the kitchen.

8. SHAN ZU SZPCS-2017-004

An imposing design, sober and with a marked Japanese style, this knives is the delight of all lovers of Japanese cuisine, it is one of the best quality products on the market, its blades cut precisely and it is normal since.

The negative point that I have been able to find with these best kitchen Knives is that their ceramic blades are delicate and can break if the proper precautions are not taken.

It is a matter of avoiding falls and being attentive to possible signs of wear.

We are talking about one of the best-valued cuisines in the world, they must use good utensils to get the best flavors.

The negative point that I have been able to find with these Knives is that their ceramic blades are delicate and can break if the proper precautions are not taken. It is a matter of avoiding falls and being attentive to possible signs of wear.

  • Provides extra protection against infectious agents that harm the health of household members.
  • The fact that they are stainless also ensures that they will last and that the investment will not be lost.
  • Their lightness makes them very easy to handle best kitchen Knives.

  • They are delicate against falls and also when they are neglected.
  • It is not recommended to use it on marble or tile surfaces as the blades break.

9 . BELLESTYLE 4 Packs

One of the best-positioned knives set of its kind. It is made up of 4 different pieces, all of the highest quality and with characteristics that make them indispensable for a modern kitchen.

It has the advantage of being rust-proof, as ceramic Knives do.

The blades are designed in high-quality zirconia, which makes them very durable and gives them a multi-functionality that is well valued.

It also has an ergonomic and lightweight design that will allow everyone in the house to use it without problems. It’s but is half the weight of similar metal best kitchen Knives.

The negative point that I have been able to find is that they cannot be sharpened, so their wear becomes permanent over the years. However, users agree that the original sharpening is very durable.

  • This set has high multifunctionality, with which you can undertake different tasks.
  • It is designed in rust-proof materials, so you don’t have to worry about that corrosive factor.
  • It has an ergonomic design that will avoid fatigue and save you muscle aches in the hands.

  • They cannot be sharpened again, so your blade will wear out.

10. Ankway FBACK01-B

A set of ceramic best kitchen Knives that stands out for its long durability. The 5 pieces that make up the package are designed to provide a good experience and do not leave any particular type of odor on the food. The latter differentiates it from its steel pairs, which are noted for impregnating the most renowned dishes with strange aromas.

They feature a sharp, ready-to-use ceramic blade.

It is much lighter than a normal best kitchen Knives and its ceramic blades are stainless.

Its materials also give it greater health, because they do not absorb bacteria and it is not possible for pathogens to nest in their parts.

The negative point that I have been able to find with these Knives is that their ceramic blades are delicate and can break if the proper precautions are not taken. It is a matter of avoiding falls and being attentive to possible signs of wear.

  • Provides extra protection against infectious agents that harm the health of household members.
  • The fact that they are stainless also ensures that they will last and that the investment will not be lost.
  • Their lightness makes them very easy to handle best kitchen Knives.

  • They are delicate against falls and also when they are neglected.
  • It is not recommended to use it on marble or tile surfaces as the blades break.

11. INTEY NY-K02

This four-piece set comes with a protective jacket and ceramic peeler included. The fact that each knives fulfills a specific utility gives you the ability to more effectively control the quality of food and gives you all the advantages that derive from specializing in professional utensils.

It features an ergonomic, lightweight design that allows for easy grip, adding to a weight that is well below equivalent steel Knives.

The high-quality zirconia blades make these Knives very multifunctional.

The material also makes these Knives invulnerable to rust or other corrosive agents.

The negative point that I have been able to find is that the edge can be poor compared to other ceramic Knives. This is especially felt when potatoes or other fruits are being peeled. However, the downside is not as noticeable and may go unnoticed.

  • The best kitchen Knives are multifunctional, which means that you can use them for multiple tasks.
  • Their ergonomic design and lightness make them easy to handle, even by the most inexperience
  • They are invulnerable to rust, which gives them extra durability.

  • Some Knives in the set have a poor edge compared to other ceramic best kitchen Knives.

12. SHAN ZU SZCS-2017-003

This knives has high technology and can help you in your daily culinary tasks. It is designed from German carbon steel and can maintain excellent toughness for a long enough time. The brand that carries it out also guarantees that the purchase can be returned if the best kitchen Knives does not meet the requested requirements.

Its blade has advanced technology that makes it resistant to corrosion.

its comfortable handle also provides tremendous benefits, as does the always-ready blade edge to make cutting and chopping food much easier.

The negative point that I have been able to find is that, beyond comfort, the handle is not ergonomically designed. Therefore, it is possible that the consequences are felt in the muscles of the hand. But this will not affect most people, since it is not common to spend so much time in the kitchen.

  • The blade is corrosion resistant and will not be damaged by environmental factors like that.
  • Includes a sharp blade that makes it easy to chop and chop food
  • It has a comfortable handle to use the best kitchen Knives for a short period of time.

  • After a few hours, the absence of truly ergonomic technology is perceived

13. SHAN ZU SZCS-2017-001

One of the most complete vertical ironing centers that you can find in the market, it is one of the best-selling products within its category.

One of the most popular among buyers, its strong point is the hanger that it incorporates so that we can support our Clothes just before ironing it, making the ironing simple and stable, it is specially prepared for this work and it is appreciated because sometimes using a common hanger is very annoying because the clothes do not stop moving from one lake to another or you don’t find a good foothold.

It has a power button that you can press with your foot without problems which makes its use very comfortable and a deposit of nothing more and nothing less than four liters of water so that you can iron everything you want without interruptions.

The negative point that I have been able to find with this vertical iron is the space it occupies but in the end if you compare it with an ironing board they occupy the same.

  • Its hanger is perfect for ironing
  • It has a very high ironing performance
  • Very comfortable to use

  • Takes up the space of an ironing board
  • The finish is something worse than the conventional iron

14. SKYLIGHT C-5617-UK

This multi-functional Japanese best kitchen Knives is perfect for slicing and chopping meat, fish, ham and vegetables. With this utensil, you can have the ease and elegance of an Asian chef, just as if you were traveling to the exotic confines of the East.

The blade of this best kitchen Knives is ultra-sharp, being able to cut all kinds of food like butter.

It also has an ergonomic handle that fits easily in the hand of the person using it.

In addition, the blade and the handle were forged in an integrated way, which guarantees a high resistance against accidents and an easier cleaning of the knives.

The negative point that I have been able to find is that some foods tend to stick to the sheet when they are being sliced. This represents a small waste of time, but it is not such an important detail either.

  • It has an ultra-sharp blade that will make chopping food very easy.
  • It includes a comfortable and ergonomic handle that will save you muscle aches and allows you to work with
  • well-being.
  • Its handle and blade are forged integrally, which gives an extra plus of security and resistance.

  • Food may stick a little to the best kitchen Knives. For that, you must take the time to remove them.

Best kitchen Knives – Buying Guide

To know which best kitchen Knives you should buy, you must take into account some recommendations, such as the different models and characteristics of each one:


When deciding which professional knives to buy you must be clear about what use you will give it? Well, there is a variety of models for all kinds of situations, in the market, you can find very complete packs that include the kitchen knives, for filleting, bread, multipurpose, peeling, meat among others.

Manufacturing materials

A key point if you do not know how to choose your professional best kitchen Knives is that whether you are a cook or an amateur, pay attention to the materials with which these elements are made. They can be made of stainless steel, carbon steel, high carbon stainless steel, or ceramic, the important thing is that it gives you the comfort and security of having perfect cuts at all times.


The most common are usually made of wood, rubberized, metal, plastic, polyoxymethylene or any material that is strong and comfortable enough. On the other hand, we always recommend a model that feels good in your hand, in this way you will work comfortably for long periods of time.


There are endless measures for this type of product as well as thicknesses. Those with an approximate length of 10 cm are used to cut, peel and work in more detail. Those of 20 to 25 cm are used to chop and cut almost everything, depending on the use that you will give it, choose the one indicated for you.


Some users argue that the less weight the knives has, the easier it will be to maneuver, on the contrary others say that there must be a perfect balance between weight and ergonomics. The final decision will depend on your tastes.

How much money should I spend on my chef’s knives?

This product is usually manufactured by a lot of brands, that is why the prices of kitchen best kitchen Knives can vary depending on the manufacturer; the quality of its materials, and the useful life that it can provide you

Cheaper professional best kitchen Knives (less than $70) – Here you can find an immense variety of models available, some are better than others but you should know that they are not usually the best Knives on the market, keep in mind that construction materials are not they are usually the highest quality.

Better quality professional best kitchen Knives (more than $70) – It is possible that above this price you will get the best kitchen Knives as they are of higher quality and are manufactured by recognized brands. If your budget allows it, do not hesitate to acquire models that are a little more expensive but that are durable.The Knives have a series of characteristics that can help us to discern which is the quality of the one we are selecting and how much it conforms to what we were initially looking for.

How is the edge of the knives? Serrated or smooth?

Knives can have a blade with a smooth edge or a wavy edge. Usually, the smooth edge allows for greater control and precision in cutting food, so it continues to be a favorite in the kitchen. In contrast, the serrated edge provides greater strength but is not very common among cooking Knives.

Handling and weight

Handling and weight is another quality that should be studied before selecting a best kitchen Knives. The lighter the utensil, the greater possibilities we will have to control it easily and to cope with agility in the kitchen. A lightweight knives makes it easy for everyone to use, regardless of their cooking skills.

Blade surface

The leaves can vary depending on what they are needed for. Thicker blades are usually used in the Knives with which the meat is going to be filleted. The opposite happens with the best kitchen Knives used to peel some fruit, which must have a blade of more moderate proportions.

Ergonomic handle

When the knives has an ergonomic handle it is a relief for people who work in the kitchen for long hours. With this technology, the instrument conforms to the hand more easily, providing comfort and preventing cramps from constant use. This quality is used and appreciated by all manufacturers of best kitchen Knives.

Best brands of professional kitchen knives

If you are looking for information on the best brands, look no further, here are the best by far:

Shan Zu

Japanese brand specializing in the manufacture of Knives, they are characterized by being Knives of easy maintenance, resistant to corrosion and rust. This brand is ideal for chefs who require a partner who is capable of accompanying them for long and demanding days. You can find the best quality-price chef’s knives in this brand.


Spanish multinational with a long history in the market, in its catalog they have everything you need to equip your kitchen, pots, Knives, accessories, cutlery. Quality, innovation, and durability are its standard, that is why you can find models of the top of best kitchen Knives in this brand


German brand founded in 1731, thanks to its longevity it has great repair. They have in their sales catalog tableware and glassware, kitchen utensils, beauty accessories, cutlery, and best kitchen Knives. The opinions about their products place them as one of the best brands thanks to the fact that they have quality and innovation in the manufacture of their products.

Where can you buy a chef’s knives?

If you have no idea where to buy your product, don’t worry we have compiled the ones that for us are the best online stores, where you can find the most recommended kitchen Knives.

Professional chef Knives from Amazon

This online store is the best if you are still not sure which model is the one that suits your needs. Thanks to the variety of brands and models it is possible that you make your own comparison of kitchen Knives in this way you make sure you choose the ideal one for you.

El Corte Ingles kitchen knives

Another store in which you find a good variety of products at your disposal because it has several sales departments. If you are looking for models that are in the ranking of professional chef Knives in this store you can find them thanks to the fact that they have models from the best brands.

Carrefour professional kitchen knives

Finally, we mention a store in which they usually have very good offers, in it you find everything from food products, appliances to mobile phones. They have availability for this type of product although you should know that the variety of models is not the widest.

Advantages of using a chef’s knives, what are its strengths?

With the purchase of this product forget about the bad times when cooking, below we mention the advantages of having this element in your kitchen

What are the advantages of using a knives? Its advantages are:

  • You will be able to make precise cuts quickly.
  • They are durable.
  • There is a wide variety of models on the market, finding the ideal one for you will not be difficult.
  • Forget about crying while chopping onion, this happens when the knives is of poor quality and is dull.
  • By cooking at home you get all the nutrients from food.

Materials of kitchen knives blades

Before acquiring a kitchen knives it is good that you know the difference between the most common materials in which the blades of said utensils are made.

Stainless steel: stainless steel is a type of steel with high resistance to corrosion.
Carbon steel: this type of steel can rust when exposed to certain weather conditions.
High carbon stainless steel: this type of steels stands out for its high durability, its resistance to rust and its strength.
Alloy Steel Stainless Steel: These materials are also well known and reputed for their strength and ability to withstand time.
Ceramic: Knives designed in this material can maintain their sharpness for a much longer time, as they are immune to most of the corrosive agents that attack steel.

What is a kitchen knives?

Basically, it is any sheet of a resistant material with a considerable edge on one or both sides, with or without a handle and that can be used to cut different elements and that come with other accessories such as a knives holder bag, a case to store/transport them or a magnet for a knives set. It has existed since ancient times, before Homo Sapiens. Of all the cutlery, it is the first to appear in modern cutlery from the Middle Ages, followed by the spoon and finally the fork.

As a result of the revolutions in the field of metallurgy over time, the knives of about five thousand years was “evolving” here, making these tools more refined, such as blades made of metallic materials, such as copper, bronze, iron, and finally steel in the 17th century. This apparently so common element in our homes, workshops, other places have gone through a whole path, but it has its history and continues to change.

Where to buy professional kitchen Knives?

When it comes to good quality Knives, the best place to buy them is without a second thought. In fact, see our comparison, and all our recommendations are from that wonderful online store that came to make our lives easier. There you can find offers, you will find recommendations and the most valued ones according to the opinions of the clients, in the same way, you can consult to buy them at where you will also find from sets of simple kitchen Knives to professional Knives. a bit of everything. Take a tour of these online stores to delight yourself with those beauties.

Kitchen Knives, their names, and what each one is for

This is important because many people do not pay due attention to it and use any knives to cut anything (they are not blamed either, since not everyone is explained from a young age or in our growth what is the proper use of the set of Knives) , No, you must use the correct knives for each occasion (okay, if you have the complete cutlery), that is, one of bread to cut bread, the one of meat to cut meat and so on for the same wave.

In our previous section, we talked about some kitchen Knives and their uses (onion, lace and fillet) that appear in our recommendations, but here we will see a little more about them and others to learn more about them:

Paring knives or lace

It usually has a blade of about 9 to 10 centimeters and with a very sharp point. It is perfect for peeling vegetables or fruits or any small cut you want to make; Keep it away from children to avoid accidents.

Chef’s or chef’s knives

Also known as the chef’s Knives. Its blade is usually a little wider from about 20 centimeters to 30 centimeters, which is when you have pieces of meat or fish larger than what they usually cut. It is very versatile, you can chop vegetables, greens, meat, and fish.

Pestle knives

With its own curved and thin blade to remove the bones in a piece of meat, such as a chicken or other meat that you want to bone; a certain force is required to be able to put the knives to good use on the piece and not mistreat it by making accurate cuts.

Fillet or fillet knives

If you want a long blade knives to make fine and very clean cuts, this is the one for your meat and fish, very flexible; it is ideal for preparing well-filleted salmon carpaccio dishes and all the entrees you want. You can also use the carpaccio or salmon knives, special for this.

Ham knives or ham knives

It is ideal for cutting ham or large pieces of meat. If you want a perfect cut or slicing, go buying a ham knives so that you have precise cuts; ideal for your breakfasts, hors d’oeuvres or when you want to taste a good piece of ham.

Bread knives or serrated knives

With an elongated and strong blade, but unlike the previous ones, it has a serrated edge (small serrated Knives are used to cut tomatoes) to be able to cut the crust of the bread without problems. It could be said that the kitchen knives for butter derives from this knives, which is precisely used to make butter (or other creams, such as cream cheese, etc.) and spread.

Santoku knives

The Japanese version of the chef’s knives used in the West by chefs, the shape of its blade has a flat base, a rounded tip, and a length of between 12 centimeters and 20 centimeters. It is a very versatile knives because you can cut, chop or slice both vegetables and fruits, meat or fish, whatever you want.

Other Knives and their uses

Vegetable knives. It is small with a strong blade and a very smooth edge. It is used exclusively to cut and peel vegetables and fruits.

  • Steak knives. Thin but very strong blade. Also used exclusively to cut steaks, chops and roast meats.
  • Ax-type kitchen knives. To break meat bones more easily.
  • Cheese or hole knives. Only to cut soft or soft cheeses and thus prevent them from sticking to the blade.
  • Carving knives. Used in combination with the carving fork to cleanly and efficiently carve and cut meat.
  • Each and every one of them can also be bought second hand.

More about kitchen knives sets

You already know the names used in the kitchen and what each one is for, then you have to know the other variants with which some of them are known according to the material and forms of which they are made or the story they tell.

Antique kitchen Knives

There are specimens up to 2 and a half million years old, a long time. They were forged by hand from the stone to give the characteristic figure of the knives; It was made with obsidian stone and other materials such as wood, bone, and other materials that could perish over time.

Set of handmade Knives

Those made by hand forged without the need for molds. They are usually very expensive, but it applies more to people who are collectors and appreciate art; can be customized.

Professional kitchen Knives for children

Because they also like to cook, to show a button the cooking contests where children participate are a living example of that. They must be exclusive for children because those in common use (for adults) are usually very dangerous for them. Knives for children must have the following characteristics: rounded tip, handle according to the size of children’s hands, non-slip materials and optimum sharpening to facilitate cutting food.

Left Handed knives Set

They do exist, and practically its functionality is that its edge is on the right side, compensating for the movement every time you go to cut. It works perfectly and even a right-handed man can use it, but taking care of cutting himself.

Knives good for beginners

This applies to people who are going to study cooking and want to learn to cook or use Knives. Well, for that there are Knives for beginners, they are lace, onion, and serradero.

High-end Knives

They are all considered as kitchen Knives for professionals or gourmet and can be of any type that we mention in all our articles, only with the difference that the quality and finish of the cut will be different.

Titanium Chef Knives

They do not stick to the magnet and it has the following advantages: corrosion-resistant, 100% stainless, wear-resistant, increased cutting durability, ultralight, flexible, unbreakable, antibacterial and is not allergic.

What set of professional Knives to buy?

That will depend on what you want to use them for exactly, what use you are going to give it, how it has the handle, etc., if it is for simple kitchen things, well you have the option of buying a simple game or another with all the toys and so on. successively. The important thing is that it has a good handle and a good blade, without that, you will only buy a toy or ornament knives; As tips to give you an idea, the Knives that maintain their edge for the longest time are those of steel and carbon.

If you want something more professional you can find one that comes with a kitchen knives-carrying sleeve. Check our comparison to see which good knives you like the most or suits your needs, according to our shopping guide.

How to sharpen my set of Knives?

Each person who really values ​​each item or device that they have in their home will take good care of it, especially if it is the fruit of their effort and work, cutlery is no exception. In this case, the kitchen knives sets require a constant edge or sharpening them every so often so that you can have a better experience when using it accordingly.

There are many ways to sharpen Knives, there is the stone that the sets bring exclusively for that (sharpening), sharpen. You can use a large stone of those that tend to be in kitchens, an endogenous solution since it does not have a sharpener (replacing diamond stones), you pass the knives through the coarsest area and voila, you already have your sharp knives so that comfortably cut your meals, plus it is safer because it requires less effort when cutting.

It is not necessary to change a set of kitchen Knives so often, therefore, here we give you some alternatives to sharpen your Knives if you do not have any of the above options. They are as follows:

Use a ceramic mug. With an angle of 20 °, place the knives at the base of the cup (turned over) or the bottom edge and begin to sharpen both sides of the knives.
• Join knives to knives. There are people who are afraid to do it, but for those who consider this viable option, they can try. Join the blade of one of the Knives against the other and now, on both sides.
• Use a glass bottle. Although it sounds strange, yes, use the nozzle of a bottle to sharpen the knives.
Use the corner of a rustic wall. It is as if you were doing it with the “endogenous” stone that I mentioned above, a very practical solution.

How do I keep my kitchen Knives from losing their edge so quickly?

We must treat our kitchen utensils with care so that the edge on the knives lasts and you do not have to sharpen it for a long time, follow these tips:

1. Do not cut on hard surfaces. You can nick or damage the knives.
2. Do not apply too much lateral pressure on the knives. This dulls faster.
3. When cutting any fruit or acidic food, clean the knives very well after using it. You can corrode the material of the knives.
4. Save them separately. Contact with other Knives tends to nick them when hitting each other (that’s why in sets, they are separated).

How to keep chef Knives clean?

Follow this simple recommendation and you will see that your Knives apart from being clean, will last much longer to use.

• Use a neutral or slightly alkaline detergent, avoid products that have chlorine because you can damage the steel by removing the natural shine of the knives.
• Do not use abrasive, metallic or synthetic cleaners .
• It is better that you wash them by hand and dry them , then store them because it is not recommended that they remain in the dishwasher for a long time exposed to hot water, if you use cold water, it is also recommended that you use it, wash, dry them with a cloth absorbent and put away at once.
• Place them face down in the dishwasher.

knives set repair

I suppose you have wondered what to do with that knives that you like so much, but that is as old or worn (this time we are not referring to a knives that has a lack of edge, but when you see that it has no remedy). Since you have identified the “ugly” Knives, begin to remove the rust to restore the blade, the handle and, well, now, sharpen again.

The rust can be removed with hot water and citric acid by immersing the blade (this time you can use strong sponges), the handle can be changed (if it is wooden better, with steel wool and as a final touch a little linseed oil ) and if you see that the blade still works, restore it with rough stones and you can have a like new knives to later sharpen (don’t abuse, after so many restorations you will have no choice but to buy a new one because it will lose the edge of a knives as such).

Ready, you already have your knives like new to use it again. Super easy and simple to do at home (using adhesive tape on the edge to avoid cutting yourself), if you are afraid, there are people who specialize in this who can help you.

Permits to carry professional kitchen Knives?

In addition to having the precautions not to cut yourself, to have good handling, it is necessary to have knowledge about whether or not there is permission, rules, norms, everything you need to know if you are going to carry Knives with you, kitchen or not, considered Knives.

Many people have this question, it is difficult to answer, but in some examples, we can have the answer; It depends where you go, if you are traveling by plane you cannot carry Knives in your handbag. You must place it in the suitcase as checked in to avoid unnecessary problems. On the contrary, you go on public transport, since you study in a cooking school and want to bring your own tools, there it is a bit difficult, you could always carry bills for the Knives and even a letter from the institute that validates/accredits possession of them, as a defense.

For everyone’s knowledge, it is important to know and if you can read it in full (if you need to transport a kitchen knives on the street) what is indicated in Royal Decree 137/1993, of January 29, which approves the Weapons Regulation, on the prohibition of the manufacture, import, circulation, advertising, sale, possession, and use of the following weapons or their imitations; Above all, I emphasize Chapter VII Common provisions on the possession and use of weapons, Section 1. General provisions, Article 146 # 1 , I quote: “It is forbidden to carry, display and use outside the home, the workplace, where appropriate, or the corresponding sports activities, any kind of short firearms and Knives, especially those with a pointed blade (…) ”. Apparently, there are no licenses yet to be worn by a civilian for professional uses other than sports.


If you’re considering add a new kitchen knives to your kitchen or equipment, here are a few of the best kitchen knives to consider. You will want to choose the best kitchen knives to suit your needs. There many different brands all with different types of construction so choose wisely. knives can become quite pricey. Make sure to get one you will not only be comfortable with but will also last forever.

We’ve seen a lot of high-quality kitchen knives on this list. However, while each one is perfectly suited for the job at hand, we believe that two of them stand out from the rest. First, we appreciate the quality of the craftsmanship of the kitchen knives. For the most part, Japanese steel is going to be sharper and longer-lasting than German, which is why we highly recommend these best kitchen knives.


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