Best Quttin Kitchen Knives

Every time I got ready to cook, I had a problem that I’m sure happens to you too: my knives didn’t work. Its sharpness was so bad that cutting vegetables was challenging, let alone the protein. Searching the market, I finally got some knives that serve me perfectly for all tasks, the Best Quttin Kitchen Knives, which came into my life to solve all the problems I had in the kitchen.

1. Quttin Grand Chef – Best Quttin Kitchen Knives

Mainly this chef’s knife attracted me because, when I took it in hand, I discovered that it is easy to handle and, therefore, allows me to have greater precision in the cut.

It is made of stainless steel , which guarantees that it will last me a long time. It also has an excellent finish , resistant rivets and a blade with a good factory edge and alveoli on both sides . Thanks to this blade, the knife is multifunctional for me .

If what you are looking for is a knife with the quality of a professional one, which allows you to perform different tasks in the kitchen, this is the best option for you.

The negative point that I have been able to find is that the knife has very large dimensions and is a bit heavy. However, these characteristics do not cause major problems when cutting.

  • It is made of stainless steel
  • It has a professional edged blade.
  • It is multifunctional and is used to cut various foods.

  • It is slightly heavy.

2. Quentin Classic – Great knife Santoku with holes of 17 cm

This knife is ideal for the home. If in your case you are not looking for a set of professional chef knives but a simpler option, the Quttin Classic maybe your knife.

One of the characteristics that made me choose this knife was its lightness, unlike the previous one, it is extremely practical and light. The blade of the knife is fine and maintains its sharpness over time.

If you want a simple knife for your home but that is durable and of good quality, the Quttin Classic is a perfect alternative, which I personally have completely fascinated.

The negative point that I have been able to find with the knife is that, over time, it begins to show signs of oxidation. However, this detail can be solved by keeping it dry after washing.

  • It is practical and lightweight.
  • It has an excellent edge that is maintained over time.

  • It rusts slightly on the handle.

3. Quttin Grand Chef – Practical and functional kitchen machete

One of the factors that impressed me about this product is its appearance – it has great size and finishes.

It has a large, wide eighteen-centimeter blade, which is very solid so it can cut through anything. It has a good factory sharpening that covers the entire blade.

If you need a tool that can cut large pieces of meat or that serves to separate the bones, this is the most appropriate knife for that task.

The negative point that I have been able to find with this model is that it is not a knife for everyone: it is large, heavy and dangerous, so it should be left in the hands of someone who knows how to handle it.

  • It is quite sharp.
  • It has a solid blade.
  • It has a handle proportional to its size.

  • Precautions should be taken when using due to its dimensions

4. Quttin Grand Chef – Great quality in a long chef’s knife

This knife is very similar to the first option you present, the difference is that it does not have alveoli but the efficiency is the same.

It has a rigid steel blade and handle , which offers greater control when cutting, is ergonomic and its weight is ideal to handle it safely. It has a good factory edge and allows you to cut different ingredients.

If you need a multifunctional and durable knife, with which you can cut everything and use it for a long time, this is a great option that you should consider for its good characteristics.

The negative point that I have been able to find is that, if it is not dried properly, it may show some oxidation but this does not compare with the quality of the knife. You only need to dry it well after washing it and the problem is solved.

  • It has a good factory edge.
  • It is multifunctional.
  • Is light.

  • It may show slight oxidation.

5. Quttin Classic – Maximum length and great results

This is a fairly long knife, it spans 12 inches and is suitable for cutting a lot in a short time. I have used it for ham and it works very well for me. It has a thin blade with a good edge.

It has a handle that is the appropriate thickness so that maneuvering with the knife is not a challenge.

If you are looking for a long cutting knife to save you the work of going through the same cut several times, this Quttin Classic will help you in your work.

The negative point that I have been able to find with this knife, like the previous one, is that if it does not dry in time, it rusts.

  • Makes a precise cut
  • Has an ergonomic handle

  • Over time it could start to rust

Best Quttin Kitchen Knives 2021

My best purchase to complete the kitchen set has undoubtedly been the Quttin professional knife set, and among the entire market, it has been listed as one of the best brands of knives. Quitting offers me thousands of advantages and I have not suffered from cutting food again. Now I cook my recipes with greater enthusiasm because I have with me the best kitchen knives on the market

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