Best Stainless Steel Ham Knives

If you are a fan of our famous Iberian ham, you will know the importance of a good cut to get the best flavor from your ham and in this case, the quality of the Best Stainless Steel Ham Knives is vital to make a cut that will impress your visitors.

In this case, we bet on the models of best stainless steel ham knives since we consider the best type of knife to achieve a great cut in the ham, here we bring you a comparison with the best so that you can select the one that best suits you.

1. Arcos Universal – Best Stainless Steel Ham Knives

When it comes to ham knives, this model is popular for its great cut because it is perfectly sharpened for an easier and more flexible pass.

Unlike others, this ham knife includes a specialized case for storage.

If what you are looking for is a ham knife that cuts exceptionally,.

This model is the one you need, and its flexible texture makes it more docile and adaptable.

The negative point that I have been able to find is that it is somewhat heavy, although, if we take into account the quality of the sharpening, it is understandable that its weight is considerable.

  • It has great sharpness.
  • It is flexible.
  • Includes a special case to store it.

  • Some users claim that its weight is considerable.

2. Professional S – Safe hardening

The FRIODUR technique with which it was designed allows its blade to be hardened by the cold.

In addition, it has in its reinforcement special protection for greater security.

The handle of this professional ham knife includes three rivets and a gap-free transition at the junction with the blade for added safety.

If you are looking to make an excellent cut of ham with a knife safely, the Professional S offers you this possibility.

The negative point that I have been able to find is its absence of a sharp point to finish the cuts of the ham, although, if we take into account that it is from the Zwilling brand, an easy finish is a matter of ordering the correct accessories.

  • Includes three rivets on the handle.
  • It is hardened by means of the FRIODUR technique

  • Some users note that it does not have a sharp point to finish the cut.

3. Jamonprive – An inclusive partner

The Jamonprive differs from other professional ham knife sets by the inclusion of a special protector to be used when cutting.

It is also characterized by being designed so that both right-handed and left-handed people can make cuts with it, in addition to being easy to disassemble and clean.

If you are looking to buy a ham knife that is inclusive and safe, the Jamonprive is the one you need in your home.

Its innovative presentation is ideal for making good cuts so that everyone can help with the task.

The negative point that I have been able to find is that sometimes the guard gets stuck with the cutting blade. However, if there is an experienced person in the house, the guard can be detached from the knife and thus used without problems.

  • It has a special protector.
  • It is easy to disassemble and clean.
  • It is designed for left and right-handed people.

  • Some users claim that the protector tends to get stuck.

4. Arcos Riviera – Stainless and durable nitrated

The NATRUM reinforcement makes the stainless steel blade of this professional best stainless steel ham knives durable and resistant.

The high resistance to corrosion is also due to its tongue and groove rivets.

If you are looking for the best knife at quality and price, this model is the ideal one for you.

The blade and handle material makes it easy to cut like a pro.

The negative point that I have been able to find is that it is somewhat heavy, although taking into account the construction mechanisms it is understandable that its weight is considerable.

  • Its blade is strong and durable.
  • It has tongue and groove rivets.

  • Can be heavy

5. 3Claveles POM – A task saver

Few are the knives to cut ham that allow increasing the yield due to its alveolates blade.

This stainless steel model allows quick and serial cutting by creating an air chamber between the blade and the ham.

If you are looking for a knife that allows you to cut without having to separate the pieces of ham glued to the steel blade, this model offers you this possibility.

The negative point that I have been able to find with this ham knife is that it is quite long, but its size is totally overshadowed by the uninterrupted cut that this article offers.

  • It has a honeycombed leaf.
  • Create an air chamber to separate the blade and the ham cuts.

  • Some users claim that it is quite long.

Professional stainless steel Best Stainless Steel Ham Knives

These best stainless steel ham knives presented by the Arcos, 3Claveles and Zwilling brands are suitable for making cuts like a professional, saving effort and time for those who use them. Do not be left without a ham knife having this variety of excellent products just a click away.

What is a Best Stainless Steel Ham Knives?

This device for professional and home use is one of the instruments most used by the Spanish community, in addition to being popular in restaurants and in most bars since it owes its name to the precious Serrano ham, food of choice. of a large number of Spaniards. This utensil allows us to make clean cuts of the ham because it is strong, it must be fixed well so that it does not slip or move while we cut it, in addition to achieving a smooth and perfect cut to obtain the essence of this good ham.

How to choose stainless Best Stainless Steel Ham Knives?

It can be specified that its qualities are basic, this knife has a long and flexible blade to make fine cuts and with great precision since it usually has a very sharp point.

This instrument can become dull easily, it is for this reason that it is ideal that every time we use it, we sharpen it with a special file that homogenizes the metal of the edge or known in some places as sharpening, failing that if not it is counted on, we can use a sharpening stone that is previously soaked.

In any of its cases, after sharpening we must clean the edge with a cloth to remove any metal remains that may have remained on the surface of the knife.

Safety rules in a set of stainless Best Stainless Steel Ham Knives?

To use these best stainless steel ham knives, some safety rules must be taken into account to avoid some type of home-based accident due to their inexperienced use. Among them we have:

When using the ham holder, it must be fixed and not slide, the ham must be well attached in any of its directions, we must ensure this before starting any type of ham cut.

When cutting the ham, our left hand must be placed higher than that of the hand that operates the knife.
If we have a very sharp knife, it is not necessary to use so much force when cutting. This will allow us to do it slowly and deliberately, without further ado.

To avoid some type of injury we must have our body at an ideal distance from where we are making the cut.

What should I take into account before choosing a stainless steel ham knife kit?
When choosing a utensil of this type, we must bear in mind that there are many made of stainless steel but not all of them are of very good quality, so it is advisable to validate the brands on the web and investigate opinions about them. , since it is essential to have ideas about the handle and the material of which it is made.

Its measures

There are some blades that we can consider as perfect, but each one has a function and different measures, which are adjusted to each chef or client’s preference. generally, the exact or adequate measurement is 25 cm, but not more than 30 cm. Likewise, everything will depend on the size to perceive greater scope and well-being that we have when cutting.

The handle

You can buy a very sharp knife, but if we do not have a suitable handle, we will quickly become exhausted and can affect our joints. Currently, the handles are made of polyoxymethylene and wood, but the central point is comfort and that it is resistant to shocks and high temperatures, and of course that it is hygienic, although this part will depend more on us.

Tips for using stainless Best Stainless Steel Ham Knives

When we have this utensil in the kitchen of our homes, it is good that we take into account certain tips for use that will allow us to avoid eventualities when we are preparing food, these are:

  • Always wash the knife after using it.
  • We must not leave the knives submerged in water for more than 15 minutes.
  • After each cleaning, they must be dried quickly with a soft cloth.
  • Do not use detergents with chlorine to avoid accelerated oxidation.

Be careful with the edge of the knife to avoid blows on it, and we must periodically sharpen them with the appropriate tools for this.

Nowadays, in best stainless steel ham knives, we get up to 37 cm and 40 cm long in their flexible blades. They are mostly made of stainless steel for use in the kitchen. To make good quality cuts, we must have a special cutting table, which we can get at, the proper temperature for these cuts is between 20º and 25º, the idea is to eat it cold

Cuts of the stainless steel ham knife

Currently, one of the most common manufacturing materials for these tools is stainless steel, since its properties have made it essential when it comes to making knives. It has benefits that allow us to have quality utensils and have a long useful life.

It is important to know that, with these, we should not cut frozen food or bones of any kind. In addition, we should only use these devices to make cuts and in the preparation of food. Additionally, it is not recommended to use these instruments on glass, stone, or marble surfaces.

In kitchens, these utensils are usually accompanied by a protector, since when we leave it on the surface the sheet is exposed and can cause something new. The handle of this knife is usually made of wood or some type of good quality plastic material. This part is designed to match the muscular anatomy of the hand, to avoid injury from accidental cuts.

Otherwise, it would lose the taste.

The fundamental thing to carry out proper cuts of the ham, apart from having a stainless steel ham knife, is that this one has a long and flexible blade, it would also be good to have nearby some tweezers, the sharpening steel or an instrument to sharpen and the support or table to make cuts. In this way, we can get to obtain good slices of Serrano ham, since they are very thin and give a very good image on the plate.

Once we finish the cuts, we must cover with a kitchen cloth, so that it is kept in good condition and it does not dry out. As important information, we have that the adequate quantity for each dish is 100gr.

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