Best Victorinox Kitchen Knives

One of my most frequent mortifications in the kitchen is that of not having proper knives. I always find myself in the task of looking for Best Victorinox Kitchen Knives that can satisfy my needs, since having to chop the meat with a small serrated knife is quite unpleasant.

That’s why I decided to search the internet for the best Victorinox kitchen knives, as my sister has used this brand before and it has worked wonders for her. After studying the options, I have decided to draw up a small list of the most outstanding products that I offer here.

1. Victorinox 5.1163.5 – Best Victorinox Kitchen Knives

One of the best options I found from the best kitchen knives on the market is the Victorinox 5.1163.5 Professional Knife Set .

From the beginning, I liked that this set of knives had the right number that I needed, as it only brings five knives that meet the essential requirements.

The biggest knife is saw , while you have another bread, also thought to be chef. It also has some small patateros and sierra

If you are looking for quality knives, the Victorinox brand brings you this model of five knives that are capable of solving the vast majority of your problems in the kitchen and that have fascinated me.

The negative point that I have been able to find with this product is that for some users the number of knives is insufficient, but in truth, it is a product that satisfies the needs of most of those who need good knives in the kitchen.

  • There are five quality knives
  • They fulfill different functions
  • For some, they may be insufficient

2. Victorinox 5.1111.6 – Multifunctionality in a set of knives

Five knives may seem insufficient to you, and that is why I set out to find other models of better kitchen knives.

This is how I found the Victorinox 5.1111.6, which is a set of professional knives that brings six knives with different functionalities, capable of meeting the needs of most users.

They are sharp knives , considered by their buyers as durable . Its design is also very attractive, as it has a red handle .

A product with greater capacities is what this Victorinox set offers, which allows cutting different surfaces with maximum quality and precision, as well as being comfortable to the touch.

The negative point that I have been able to find with this set of knives is that all its components are medium or large, but there is no bigger knife than all of them. However, this will not prevent cutting with the highest quality.

  • Maximum precision in cutting
  • They are comfortable to wear
  • Has six knives
  • Doesn’t have a bigger knife than the others

3. Victorinox 5.7300.31 – Precise butcher knife

If you do not need a set of knives but a knife that is able to satisfy your requirements in the kitchen, the Victorinox 5.7300.31 may meet most of your needs.

With a blade length of 12 inches , it has a wide and curved blade , ideal for cutting large pieces of meat, serving as one of the professional chef’s knives.

Its handle has been considered comfortable and firm , being made of rosewood

An extremely versatile and quality knife is what Victorinox brings with this product, with a resistant handle and a sharp blade that makes precise cuts, as well as having a good size.

The negative point that I have been able to find with this product is that it may be insufficient for some users, because they prefer a set that meets various requirements. However, the quality of this knife, which can be considered one of the professional kitchen knives, gives it great versatility.

  • Has a long, quality blade
  • Features a sturdy handle
  • It’s a single knife

4. Victorinox 5200715 – Two quality presentations

Aesthetics are important in knives too, and that’s one of the reasons I particularly love Victorinox 5200715 .

It is a knife that comes in two presentations, black and white and has a 15-centimeter blade .

Its handle is made of POM , and it is resistant to rust

A resistant knife, with a pleasant and adaptable presentation and with comfortable and practical materials is what Victorinox offers with this product, which has been liked by many users.

The negative point that I have been able to find about this knife is that it may not be long enough for some of its buyers, but for most it is large enough.

  • It is resistant to rust
  • It comes in two presentations
  • May not be long enough

5. Victorinox 6.852 – Five colors for a frosted knife

If you are looking for a frosted knife, you have found in this Victorinox model a great alternative.

which will also combine with your kitchen, because it comes in five presentations: black, pink, yellow, green, and orange, changing the color of the handle.

Users consider it a high-quality product, being used as a chef’s knife.

If you are looking for a frosted kitchen knife that is of high quality, has a sharp blade, and also comes in attractive presentations that suit your personality, this product may be to your liking.

The negative point that I have been able to find with this product is that when it is ground, it is not able to cut anything, but it can solve in most cases.

  • It has five presentations with different colors
  • Is frosted
  • Being ground, it cannot cut anything.

Best Victorinox Kitchen Knives 2021

The Swiss brand Victorinox has been standing out in the market for years for its different sharp products, considered one of the best knife brands, among which are the kitchen, recognized globally for their innovation and quality.

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