6 Best Butterfly Knife In 2022

Butterfly knives are an interesting knife, though many people regard them as impractical and dangerous. I suppose it depends on the person who is using it and how the knife is being used. There are many reasons to use a butterfly knife, but we will get into them in future articles. For now, we will focus on the best butterfly knife.

Butterfly knives are one of the most unique and pleasing-edged weapons around. They are unusual and quite rare, making them real showpieces for collectors. This article takes a look at what butterfly knives are, the history of butterfly knives, and the best knives. And you can also check our selected list of the Best Balisong Vs Butterfly Knife.

Butterfly knives are a form of a knife with two handles counter-rotating around the tang such that, when closed, the blade is concealed within grooves in the handles. A folding knife is a form of a knife with one or more blades that fold into the handle. Some of them are automatics with the spring-assisted opening.

Following Are The Best Butterfly Knife In 2022

Butterfly knives have become very popular in the last few years and for those who are interested in buying the great butterfly knife or have a butterfly knife and would like some tips on maintenance and on how to use the butterfly knife better, then this blog is for you.

The butterfly knife is a real traditional knife, it can be used in different tactical and survival situations. There are some drawbacks to using this knife. That’s why you must know some of the good butterfly knife types. Here are the reviews of the top five best butterfly knives, check them out.

Butterfly knives are one of the coolest knives out there. They have been used in movies and TV shows for decades. There are hundreds of different styles of these knives and it can be very difficult to make the right decision when buying one. Here are some of our favorite butterfly knives and what makes them so good.

SCHRADE MANILLA BUTTERFLY KNIFE: butterfly knife tricks advanced

The SCHRADE MANILLA Butterfly Knife is one of the most popular butterfly knives in the world and is meant to be used by anyone. Whether you are a beginner and want to learn how to wield one of these knives or you are a pro, the SCHRADE MANILLA Butterfly Knife is a great choice. Here’s why.

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Overall, the Schrade Manilla Butterfly Knife is a badass knife that is capable of a wide variety of tasks. It is well designed, well built, and most of all, a lot of fun to use. This is a knife that comes with a lifetime warranty, so you know that you’re covered in case something happens. Whether you’re looking for your first butterfly knife or you’re a collector, I would recommend the Scrade Manilla Butterfly Knife.


Blade D2 Tool Steel
Blade length 4.01 inches
Handle Handle
Weight 8 ounces

BEAR AND SONS 517D BALISONG KNIFE: butterfly knife price

Bear and Sons are the go-to knife brand for beginners and the knife is both affordable and effective. If you’re new to knives, or a seasoned vet, you might want to check out this Bear and Sons 517D balisong knife. This review of the Bear and Sons 517D balisong knife will tell you all about it and what makes this knife so popular.

When you first look at a traditional Balisong knife, you are probably not sure how to open and close it. To help make it easier to see how a Balisong works, we created a video (see below) showing how to open and close the 517D Bear and Sons Balisong. We also discuss some of the safety concerns about the Balisong and how we have addressed them in our 517D Bear and Sons Balisong.

It has been a long time since I reviewed a fixed blade knife, so I was pleasantly surprised when Bear and Sons asked me to review the 517D Balisong knife. While it is listed as a balisong knife, in reality, it is a fixed blade knife with a very unique design. It also has a very reasonable price point at $69.95. Let’s take a closer look.


Brand Bear and Son
Blade length 4.25 inches
Blade Damascus-steel
Handle material stag bone

DOGBITE KNIVES DB3.1 BALISONG KNIFE: butterfly knife valorant

Here is my honest review of Dogbite Knives DB3.1. When someone mentions the DOGBITE KNIVES DB3.1 BALISONG KNIFE, the first thing that will most probably come to mind would be the famous POCKET KNIFE from the Philippines. This is also called SURREAL KNIFE. This balisong knife is praised by many people for its functionality, design, and its elegant outlook. This is a must-have item for a collector and you will surely enjoy using this.

The Dogbite Knives DB3.1 balisong knife is a butterfly knife that has taken the balisong world by storm. It is being produced in two different variations, a full titanium version, and a stainless steel version.

Just how much do you know about the Balisong knife? Chances are you know a lot less than you think. Balisong is not just a knife; it is a unique weapon with a long history, which we are going to analyze in this blog post.


Brand DogBite knives
Handle length 5.125 inches
Blade length 4.00 inches
Blade 440 stainless steel

BEAR SONG IV BALISONG KNIFE: butterfly knife csgo

What this is going to be about: Bear Song IV Balisong Knife is a traditional balisong knife designed with toughness and functionality. It has a very different design from the basic Bear Song II. Although it is one of the best balisong knives on the market today, it lacks popularity. This is because it just came into the market recently.

Bear Song balisong knife is made by Bear Song. This blade is stainless steel. In this blog, we will have a look at the knife and will have a comparison of this knife and the Bear Song IV balisong knife. The size of the knife is 4 inches. We will have a look at the specifications of this knife.

The Balisong knife, also known as flipping or Batangas knife, is a pocketknife with two handles counter-rotating around the tang such that, when closed, the knife has no blade protruding from the handles. This blog will describe all this in detail, including how to use a BEAR SONG IV BALISONG KNIFE.


Blade length 4.40 inches
Brand Bear OPS
Blade 1095-Carbon steel
Blade-style clip-point

BENCHMADE 62 BALISONG KNIFE: butterfly knife trainer

Benchmade 62 Balisong Knife has been around for many years now, and many of its previous versions are still being used by the masses. The BENCHMADE 62 BALISONG KNIFE is a very cool knife to own and use. When the very first Benchmade 62 came into production and sold, it was the first of its kind and the industry had never seen and used anything like it before.

The Benchmade 62 is a beautiful knife, but it is not a knife that is easy to use. If you are looking for a knife that is made in the USA and that looks great then it might be worth checking out. You will have to spend some time getting used to it, but it is well worth the effort.

The BENCHMADE 62 BALISONG KNIFE is a butterfly knife that is built for precision, quality, and also for longevity. The Benchmade 62 is also on the expensive side, but it is also one of the highest quality butterfly knives available.


Blade D2-Tool steel
Blade thickness 0.127 inches
Weight 6.39 ounces
Blade style 63-Weehawk design

BENCHMADE 87 TI BALISONG KNIFE: butterfly knife amazon

The Benchmade 87 Ti Balisong Knife is one of the highest-rated balisong knives on the market. It is made from the highest quality hardware and has the best construction of any knife on the market. This blog post is a review of the knife and will take a look at all of the different aspects of this knife to give you an idea of what you are getting if you buy this knife.

Benchmade knives are being used by serious individuals for many reasons. If you are a person who is into tactical knives, then you must have seen and heard about the Benchmade knives. These are the world’s best-selling knives. Benchmade knives are the best-selling knives based on their design, quality, and performance.

The Benchmade balisong has been around for a long time. This article will explain why it is one of the best knives to have. It has a sleek design, strength, and durability. It is loved by many and used by many. This article will discuss the different features of this knife so that you can decide whether you want to buy one or not.


Blade CPM-S30V steel
Open length 10 inches
Handle material titanium
Blade length 4.50 inches

Quick Shopping Tips:

Butterfly knives are classic blades with a modern twist. They have caught the attention of enthusiasts, collectors, and reenactors. If you are just getting started with this type of knife, the sheer number of them can be off-putting. There are many options available on the market and that means that you will have to do your homework. That is why you will want to keep reading.


The price of butterfly knives ranges from as low as $20 to over a thousand dollars; therefore, your budget is the second thing to consider. Remember, you will get what you pay for! If you pay for a cheap knife, you will get a substandard tool.

But, that doesn’t mean that the most expensive tool is the very butterfly knife. That being said, if you are going for a knife from a reputable manufacturer, you can be very confident that you will get your money’s worth. Therefore, make sure you get the best knife within your price range.


Butterfly knives are available in two forms (pin and screw construction). Pin constructions have a pin in the place where the blade connects to the bite and safe handles. That means you can never adjust the tightness of either handle. With the pin construction, the ability to swing freely is locked and can’t be altered. However, almost all high-end balisong knives have a screw construction.


The balance and the shape of the handle and blade of your butterfly knife will depend on your plans for this tool. If you are getting a balisong just for flipping enjoyment, then you should look for a well-balanced knife. And if you are like most flipping enthusiasts, you will want one with symmetrical handles. The shape of the blade doesn’t really matter to some people as long as the butterfly knife is well balanced.

Is a knife with curved handles great for flipping? Well, the answer is no. Curved handled balisongs are beautiful to look at, and they are reliable for EDC, but not flipping. Curved handles can spin easily; however, they are not balanced. These knives have offset pivots that can affect your ability to perform some tricks.

Another issue with balisong with curved handles is switching to straight ones can be really challenging. Because doing some of the tricks, you mastered with a curved knife can be almost impossible with a straight one. But really, the best balisong for flipping is definitely one with straight handles.

Blade Material:

Just like all knives, the blade material determined the quality of the knife. So you should have to pay more for a stronger and sharp blade. Remember, the ability to remain sharp for a very long time is important. But if it’s just for flipping purposes, you can go for another option. Butterfly knives are made using a wide range of steel alloys, which vary in strength.


Most balisongs’ handles come with one solid piece for hiding the blade while others have 2 separate parts. The ones with 2 pieces have a gap when the latch fits, and this space is usually filled with either blocked or barrel spacers. While none is better than the other, make sure you check the size of these spaces.

If they are not the same size, then the 2 pieces will not be parallel to each other. And this will end up affecting your balance. If they are too big, then they can mess with how the knife feels in your hands. It’s not uncommon to find low-end balisongs with wrong-sized spacers.


Butterfly knives come in a wide range of designs, sizes, and shapes. Other than flipping, balisongs can make outstanding everyday carry knives. You can carry your butterfly knife with you everywhere you go, but first, make sure it’s legal to own one in your state. A flawless balisong should fit perfectly in your hand and be light and fun to use. Remember, a heavy one can leave your hand with bruises! Still, many balisong enthusiasts have a tough time when purchasing a reliable butterfly knife.

That is because there are many options from top brands to choose from. Therefore, we have prepared the above list of the top balisongs for you. From our research, we have concluded that Schrade Manila Butterfly Knife is the best balisong knife on the market. It is a classy knife that can serve as an EDC and a flipping tool. This balisong can survive hard throws and falls.


There are many people that prefer butterfly knives to other types of knives. If you are one of those people, then you should definitely be carrying one. You should also make sure that you have the best knife. For those of you that don’t know, the best butterfly knife is a little bit different from the other types of knives. The butterfly knife should be able to last a long time without breaking. It should also be able to take a lot of punishment and it still works perfectly. It is also a good idea to have a butterfly knife that is well made and that is very sharp.

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