What Are Serrated Edges For on a Combat or Survival Knife

There is really no end to the number of different types of serrated blades on the market. So many that I think that people don’t really know what they are for. This blog will look at what the different types of serrated edges are and how they are used.

No, it’s not a decoration. A serrated knife edge is genuinely useful under the right conditions. Here are the main scenarios when you need to know how to use a serrated edge knife and what you need to know to be safe.

A survival or combat knife is an essential part of any survivalist’s arsenal. A knife is an essential tool and one of the most important things to remember is that when it comes to a survival situation, any tool will do. Whether it’s a combat or survival knife, a shovel, or even a big rock, it’ll do the trick.

Serrated Edges are a good example of a design that is less about utility and more about menace. There are various historical examples of serrated fighting blades, but the most notable is the Roman Gladius.

A combat or survival knife is a tool that is an absolute necessity for anyone who is serious about surviving dangerous situations. The serrated edge on a survival knife is not just for show, it is a very important feature that can save your life.

A serrated edge is a saw-like edge on a knife. It is typically used for cutting rope and various other uses. But serrated edges are not unique to survival knives and combat knives. Fixed blade knives and folding knives also have serrated edges for various reasons. In this blog we will look at what serrated edges are, why survival knives have them and what the various uses of serrated edges are.

Many people are familiar with blade grind but not many of us know that there are different degrees of blade grind. For example, in a standard blade grind we have a flat side to the blade and it comes to a sharp edge. This side is known as the primary edge. We also have a flat side to the blade and it comes to a dull edge. This side is known as the secondary edge. This is where serrations come in. Serrations are razor sharp edges on the back of the blade.

It is hard to find a knife that has the ideal geometry or edge for all the different combat and survival situations you want to prepare for. That is because it is better to have a knife that is good at many different combat and survival tasks than one that is good at just one or two. If you want to be prepared, then you need to have a knife that has serrated edges.

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