What Do I do If Someone Pulls a knife on Me

When someone pulls a knife on you, you need to be prepared for the situation. Knife crime is on the rise and it’s not uncommon to see reports in the news of stabbings. If you see someone pull a knife, you should be aware of different situations and what you can do to diffuse the situation.

Personal safety is something that you should always take seriously. We live in an unpredictable world that has plenty of threats to our safety. If you’re going to be out and about, you need to know what to do if someone pulls a knife on you.

I was recently asked on Reddit to comment on what I would do if someone pulled a knife on me. This is a topic that I have been asked about before but only briefly. I am a big believer in being prepared for a worst-case scenario so I would like to take this opportunity to explain my understanding of what to do in this situation. There are links to the original Reddit post and responses below the text.

We have all heard stories of people getting robbed or mugged when they are out and about. Recently I have heard a number of stories about someone who got pulled a knife on. The stories were all different but the one similarity that stood out to me was that they all did the same thing.

I was a victim of a knife crime recently and what I thought was going to happen and what happened was very different. I had no idea I was going to get stabbed. The purpose of this blog is to give others some advice if this happens to them although I am sure it is not very helpful to me.

You just saw someone pull a knife on you, now what do you do? The first thing you need to do is not panic and try to be as calm as possible. If you start to panic, then you will not be able to think rationally and this will make things worse, like it is more likely that you’ll get hurt.

If you know self defence you will understand that your best weapon is always your brain. Your body can come second to that. We all know what to do if someone pulls a knife on us, but do we really understand why it works? We know that if you disarm someone by pulling the hand holding the knife away from the target. But do we really know why that works? This blog helps you to understand the underlying principles behind why these techniques work.

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