What Should Be Your First Strategy When Someone Threatens You With a Knife

Being physically threatened can happen to anyone. Someone threatening you with a knife is a very serious event, and one that can have a huge impact on your life and even your business. Here’s our guide to how to deal with a knife attack.

Sometime, when you least expect it, you might be in a situation where someone will threaten you with a knife. There are two extreme ways to handle it. The first one is to stay away and not get in conflict with the person. The second one is to run away as fast as possible.

What you need to do depends on the situation and possibly on the person. Also, you should keep in mind that sometimes there are situations that are not as they seem. This might be a self-defense situation or it might be a situation that you misunderstood.

A lot of people come to us for information around self defense. In this blog, we will answer this question in detail. From what you should do in the first few seconds of the attack, to what you should do when the attacker has you pinned to the ground. We will also talk about what your non-physical strategy should be to prevent the attack from happening in the first place.

You’re walking down the street minding your own business and you see a man sitting on a bench. He seems harmless enough. Then you remember that it’s dark, you are alone and he has a knife. And he’s looking at you. What should you do? Your first instinct is to scream and run.

What should be your first strategy when someone threatens you with a knife. Most of us have seen, or even covered, a story about an individual posing with a knife. And the reason for this is simple: the sight of knives is scary. It evokes fear in everyone who sees it.

When someone threatens you with an act like knife, you need a proper strategy to avoid any harassment. This blog will talk about a proper strategy in such a scenario where you are threatened with a knife.

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