What Should You Do If You Are Caught With a Knife at School

Having a knife on school premises is a crime, and one that is handled by the police. It is important to know how you can handle the situation, and how to minimise any punishment you face. This article looks at associated factors of being caught with a knife at school.

A blog written for Parent Zone. Our blog aims to help parents understand how to deal with the difficult situation of their child being caught with a knife at school. A step-by-step guide on how to react and what to do next.

A student has been found with a knife at school in the UK. This isn’t an uncommon event in the UK, in fact there are around 100 school related stabbings per year. What does the school do in this situation.

Recently in the UK a 16 year old boy was caught on school CCTV with a knife. What happens to people who are caught with knives in school? What do they face? This is a blog which looks at the different consequences of knife crime and how some of these perpetrators have dealt with the problem.

A student was arrested for bringing a three inch blade to school. The boy was later released into his mother’s care. The police stated that the boy didn’t mean any harm to anyone but he will be charged with a misdemeanor. This blog is here to look at what should you do if you are caught with a knife at school.

Germany has had a problem with violent crimes among school kids for a long time. In other countries it is pretty much unheard of. Due to the high levels of violence among school students, the German government is now taking a hard stance against violent crimes committed on school grounds by introducing a new law. The law has very strict rules and punishments for any kind of violent crime committed in a school.

A pupil at a school has been caught with a knife and is being punished. Is it right? Is the punishment fair? Is it the right thing to do? This blog will look at this controversial subject and discuss it in detail

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